Labeling the Top and Bottom of Your Packages

If your company packs products such as meats or produce, there’s a good chance that you need to label the tops and bottoms of the packages. To help with this, LSI by ID Technology has introduced a new labeling system – the 1800i – specially engineered to make labeling of these products, easy.

1800i top bottom labeling system

1800i LSI by ID Technology

LSI by ID Technology’s i-Series is a range of equipment that is designed to be robust, fast to set up and easy to maintain – all at a competitive price.

The system consists of a robust steel frame (painted steel is standard, with stainless as an option) and a pair of low profile conveyors, set up end to end. The label for the bottom of the package is fed into the gap between the two conveyors.

The 1800i can be supplied with a single ST1000 labeling head for labeling the bottom of your products, or with 2 heads for labeling both top & bottom sides. The ST1000 is an exceptionally well proven product, both as a stand alone applicator and as part of a labeling system.

Thermal Transfer Overprinter on Labeling system

1800i with TTO Printer

Need to print a date or lot code (or graphic or barcode) to your labels? No problem, the 1800i can be outfitted with ID Technology’s compact Thermal Transfer Overprinter – on one or even both of the labeling heads.

Because improving efficiency is becoming more important than ever, the 1800i has been engineered to enable fast set up and product changeover – improving production line OEE.

The 1800i uses our latest controls package, incorporating digital motor controls to eliminate guesswork when setting.

Although the 1800i is designed to run trouble free for long periods of time, you can be assured that ID Technology’s unsurpassed technical support network is always ready to help.

The 1800i labeling system is built here in the USA, at our manufacturing centers in Oakland, NJ and Fort Worth, TX. In addition, ID Technology, operates six regional label converting facilities – if you choose ID Technology labels for your LSI by ID Technology labeling equipment we offer a complimentary lifetime warranty for as long as you use our labels.

Want to get started with LSI by ID Technology? Contact us today – 888-438-3242 Option#3 or you can contact me directly at We’ll get you in touch with one of our ID Technology specialists right in your area.

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