Video: How We Package Zipz Single Serve Wine

Soft drinks and beer have long been packaged in single serve cans and glass or plastic bottles, resulting in a portable product that remains fresh and stable for long periods of time. Recent packaging innovations and consumer demand for smaller portion sizes and on-the-go solutions for snacks and meals have now given rise to the creative single-serve wine glass from Zipz.


To sell the idea of a single-serving size of wine requires thoughtful attention to the packaging – both the effectiveness of the package design and the manufacturing requirements to fill, mark, seal,  label, and ship the product.

Zipz created a design that meets consumer needs for attractive, resealable, and recyclable packaging that keeps the product fresh. Of course, a very difficult package to handle on the packaging line.

ProMach created an integrated solution for Zipz that increased packaging line speed and prolonged the product’s shelf life. Managed by ProMach Performance Services, the final turnkey project includes contributions from 8 ProMach brands, including a Macsa Laser coding system and 252CTL labeling system from ID Technology. Check out the line on this video: 

This project is a great example of the imagination and resources within ProMach that allow us to take on the biggest and most challenging projects as well as supplying best in class packaging machines.

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