Labeling and Coding for Baked Goods

The variety of products, packaging types, and production environments in the baked goods industry create difficult labeling and coding challenges. Industry regulations
requiring accurate coding of information on all packaging, and the need to keep lines up and running continuously further complicate your labeling and coding process.

material handling from Kleenline, powered by pro mach

Product handling by KleenLine, powered by Pro Mach

ID Technology helps simplify your labeling and coding with integrated solutions to keep your production lines moving.
Achieve high-quality barcodes, best before dates, batch and lot codes on all levels of packaging with ID Technology’s complete line of labeling and coding solutions.


Labeling Coding for Primary Baked Goods Packaging

Primary packaging protects, preserves, transports, informs, and sells. Artistry and packaging expertise is fundamental to attracting a customer’s attention, promoting your brand, and protecting your product. Clamshells, shrink-wrap, bags, tags,
paperboard and flexible packaging/pouches are common primary packaging styles.

Labels For Primary Packaging
• High quality prime labels.
• Blank-thermal labels for nutrition labels.
• Any shape and for all product surface types.
• Performs in water rinses, condensation, dusty environments.
• Standard, durable, removable adhesives.
With six label converting facilities across the US and Canada, ID Technology offers nationwide coverage for complete label production, consistent quality, and continuous service during peak demand.
We produce Flexographic, Digital, Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer labels for just about every application.

Labeling Systems

EPI-9230 Labeler with Model 262 Labeling Head

EPI-9230 Labeler with Model 262 Labeling Head

Our labeling systems, from ID Technology and EPI Labelers, are your perfect solution for many of your labeling challenges, from applying price labels to wrapped loaves of bread, to accurate labeling of your clamshell packaging. Our EPI-9230 is probably the most versatile on the market, able to label the top, bottom, top and bottom of your package as well as apply a wrap around c-wrap label. To make it even more flexible, one (or both) of the labeling heads can be our Model 262 printer/apply system.

EPI Labelers has a range of specialist products for these applications, such as our versatile bakery system:

EPI Bakery Labeling System

EPI Bakery Labeling System

Continuous Inkjet

Designed and built here in the USA, our Citronix ci5000 Series CIJ printers are well known as being the easiest to use in the industry and for producing excellent print quality.

The ci5000 series is the perfect inkjet printer for adding date codes and other information to just about all types of packaging used in bakery operations.

Citronix ci5000 Printers

Citronix ci5000 Family

Thermal Transfer Overprinter

Printer for flow wrapper and bagging machine for bakery

ID Technology TTO Printer

Our range of Thermal Transfer Overprinters (TTO) adds variable information to flexible packaging – date codes, lot numbers, price, barcodes, etc.

Each EasyPrint thermal transfer overprinter is capable of both intermittent and continuous printing, allowing for integration into both intermittent and continuous packaging equipment, such as bagging and flow-wrap machines. The TTO printer can also be integrated with our labeling systems to print date codes and other variable data onto the label.

Thermal transfer overprinting results in a sharp, clear image without compromising production speed.

Laser Coder

Laser coder for bakery ID Technology’s Macsa lasers produce high-quality lot codes, sell-by dates and variable data directly onto film, paperboard, paper labels or cardboard. Lasers can even code directly onto food products if required.

Laser coders need no consumables  and require minimal maintenance.


Secondary packaging keeps the primary packaging safe and helps it retain its original shape during transport to a retail or consumer location. Cardboard boxes, cardboard cartons and plastic crates are common types of secondary packaging. For products that are sold via the retail supply chain, it is customary to have to comply with the GS1 regulations for secondary packaging labeling.

case taping and labeling for baked products

252CTL Case Taper Labeling System

Some of the big retail companies, such as Walmart, have guidelines on labeling cases – often requiring that information is visible from more than one side of the case.

Our labeling systems can apply both leading and trailing edge corner-wrap labels, ensuring that labels can be seen on all four sides of the case. Labels can be applied to any face of the case as it goes through your process.

With more flexibility and higher throughput, GS1 barcode labeling can now be done on high-speed production lines.

Label Printer Applicators

Corner-Wrap Labeling System

Corner-Wrap Labeling System

  • The best selling system in North America
  • Can handle just about every application
  • Choice of OEM print engine
  • Centerline Modularity means reduced adjustments & fast setup
  • Optional environmental enclosures for harsh environments


High-Resolution Inkjet

Inkjet system for text barcodes graphics on shipping cases

Pro-Series Inkjet System

How much more efficient could you be if there was a way to replace preprinted cases and cartons with large character printing on demand?
Our ProSeries inkjet printers produce high quality, high-resolution text, barcodes and graphic images. Various printhead configurations, provide up to 4” high print at
300 dpi print resolution. Use two heads and you can print up to 8 inches high.

In addition to the ProSeries, ID Technology provides other FoxJet models, such as the SoloSeries Thermal Inkjet and VxJet Large Character printers.

These printers allow for high-quality printing of text onto cases at high speeds, with very attractive price points.



3-Panel Label Printer Applicator

If you ship your products on pallets, ID Technology’s 3-Panel Label Printer Applicator is designed for you.

Pallet labeling for baked goods

3-Panel Label Printer Applicator

It is able to print and apply labels to up to three sides of your box or pallet, all with just one machine.

The 3-panel labeling system works in conjunction with your material handling conveyors and controls to present the products to the label applicator.

The Smart Tamp sensor built into the applicator determines the position of the product to allow for variations in pallet build and stop position.

Built on the best selling Model 252 platform this new system incorporates the Centerline-Modularity™ principle, minimizing settings and adjustments to ensure fast changeovers, enhanced OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) and reduced cost.


ID Technology support covers all of North America – see our map:

ID Technology sales service coverage

In addition to the nationwide on-site service support, ID Technology also offers the best warranty in the business for our labeling equipment. Use ID Technology labels with our labeling systems and we’ll provide you with a lifetime limited equipment warranty at no charge – for as long as you use our products together.

Lifetime equipment warranty id technology If you work in the baked products business, how can we help you improve your labeling and coding operations?

To learn more, contact us today at 888-438-3242 Option#3 or you can contact me directly at We’ll get you in touch with one of our ID Technology specialists right in your area.

You can download our brochure on labeling and coding for baked goods, here: Baked Goods Brochure