Traceability Coding for Tobacco Products

traceability for tobacco productsTraceability is becoming an important issue in many industries, including tobacco.

With many of the largest tobacco producers using the Codentify® system, it is important to be able to print the required barcodes and text at high production line speeds – even through plastic film overwrap.

ID Technology’s laser system from Macsa is the perfect tool for this demanding application. High-speed operation, combined with precision beam control and Marca software allows for the HPD laser to interface right into your packaging operation.

If you need to print Codentify® or any other traceability barcodes onto your tobacco packaging, Macsa lasers from ID Technology are a modern, well-proven solution.

Our HPD laser has an exceptionally small laser dot size concentrates the laser power to provide a crisp image regardless of whether printing text, barcodes or graphics. This also allows for consistently high print quality, even when printing over a wide area.

Macsa HPD Laser for Tobacco traceability

Macsa HPD Laser

The technology built into the laser allows Codentify® Dotcodes as well as Datamatrix and other barcodes to be printed onto cartons, even when they are wrapped in plastic film. Macsa’s dual-core processor allows one core to handle the printing while the other takes care of managing the unique serialization data.

In addition, our Marca software allows complete control of your print formats and interfaces with your serialization systems for traceability control.

Codentify® is a traceability system developed by Philip Morris International (PMI) to assist in securing the tobacco products supply chain. PMI makes the Codentify® system available to other businesses in the industry. Codentify® uses the DotCode barcode symbology to encode encrypted traceability data.

ID Technology is the exclusive distributor in North America for Macsa ID, based in Barcelona, Spain, a leading innovator in the laser coding and marking business, with the most extensive range of systems in the industry.

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