Labeling and Coding for Snack Foods

Labeling and Coding for Snack Foods - ID TechnologyIn the snack food industry, labeling and coding is important.

Whether for consumer information, traceability or for marketing, every product that sold is printed with date codes and often price or lot data. Labels are often seen as well, in many cases containing promotional materials such as Instantly Redeemable Coupons (IRCs).

Regardless of the packaging type you use for your products, the Pro Mach Labeling and Coding companies have some solutions made just for you. Indeed, EPI Labelers is the leader in labeling systems used on flexible packaging in the snack food business.

Labeling & Coding on Flexible Packaging

If you’ve been in the business for a while, you are bound to have come across the products of EPI Labelers.

If you use vertical bagging machines to package your products, the EPI Labelers Flex-Pac labeling system is very much the industry standard.

EPI Labelers Flex-Pac Labeling System

EPI Labelers Flex-Pac Labeling System

Flex-Pac is the result of many years of experience with interfacing labeling systems into flexible packaging machines. Labels are applied to the product before the bag is filled and sealed and can be applied to just about any location. Flex-Pac is perfect for applying prime labels, nutritional labels or labels for your marketing campaigns.

Date and Price Coding

53C TTO Printer on Matrix Packaging Machine

53C TTO Printer on Matrix Packaging Machine

For printing date and price codes directly onto your package, Thermal Transfer Overprinters are a simple and cost-effective way to get high-quality prints. These printers can be set up to operate in either continuous mode (printing while the film is feeding) or intermittent – printing while the film is stationary.

Our TTO printers can be installed on just about every brand of packaging machine and are designed to be simple to use and maintain while providing minimal ribbon usage.

Laser Coding

For many packaging applications, laser coding offers a fast, clean way to print date codes and traceability information.

Macsa Laser Coding Systems - ID Technology

Macsa Laser Coding Systems

Our Macsa laser systems (including the recently introduced SPA model) are designed to produce consistently excellent print quality, combined with minimal maintenance.

CIJ Inkjet Printer

Our Citronix CIJ printer is just about the most economical ways to print high quality codes onto most types of packaging.

Citronix ci3000 Series CIJ Printer

Citronix ci3000 Series CIJ Printer

Citronix printers are well known as being the easiest to use on the market. In addition, everything in a Citronix can be maintained – there is no need to replace expensive modules, or cores, if something goes wrong.

If you want to have total control of your cost of ownership and to ensure maximum printer uptime, look into our Covered! by ID Technology all-inclusive on-site service program for Citronix printers.

Labeling on Clamshell Packaging

For your products packaged in plastic clamshells and other types of semi-rigid, packaging, the EPI M-Series labeling systems are an economical and well-proven choice.

M-Series labelers can be configured to apply labels to the top and bottom of the clamshell package, or to wrap a label around three sides (C-Wrap configuration).

M-Series labelers are designed to be simple to operate and use a single simple HMI interface to control the complete machine.

Labels for Snack Food Companies

With six label printing and converting plants across North America, ID Technology is your local label manufacturer with national footprint.

Regardless of whether your need is for high volume flexo labels, fast turn around digital labels, thermal or thermal transfer blank labels or for unique IRCs, ID Technology can help.


Secondary packaging keeps the primary packaging safe and helps it retain its original shape during transport to a retail or consumer location. Cardboard boxes, cardboard cartons and plastic crates are common types of secondary packaging. For products that are sold via the retail supply chain, it is customary to have to comply with the GS1 regulations for secondary packaging labeling.

case taping and labeling for baked products

252CTL Case Taper Labeling System

Some of the big retail companies, such as Walmart, have guidelines on labeling cases – often requiring that information is visible from more than one side of the case.

Our labeling systems can apply both leading and trailing edge corner-wrap labels, ensuring that labels can be seen on all four sides of the case. Labels can be applied to any face of the case as it goes through your process.

With more flexibility and higher throughput, GS1 barcode labeling can now be done on high-speed production lines.

Label Printer Applicators

Corner-Wrap Labeling System

Corner-Wrap Labeling System

  • The best selling system in North America
  • Can handle just about every application
  • Choice of OEM print engine
  • Centerline Modularity means reduced adjustments & fast setup
  • Optional environmental enclosures for harsh environments


High-Resolution Inkjet

Inkjet system for text barcodes graphics on shipping cases

Pro-Series Inkjet System

How much more efficient could you be if there was a way to replace preprinted cases and cartons with large character printing on demand?
Our ProSeries inkjet printers produce high quality, high-resolution text, barcodes and graphic images. Various printhead configurations, provide up to 4” high print at
300 dpi print resolution. Use two heads and you can print up to 8 inches high.

In addition to the ProSeries, ID Technology provides other FoxJet models, such as the SoloSeries Thermal Inkjet and VxJet Large Character printers.

These printers allow for high-quality printing of text onto cases at high speeds, with very attractive price points.

Laser Case Coding

An additional emerging technology for case marking is to use laser systems, such as our Macsa lasers.

Laser Case Marking Macsa Datalase

Macsa Laser & Datalase for Case Marking

Attempting to use a CO2 laser for generating a quality mark directly to the corrugated material is not usually successful. In order to be able to produce the quality that is needed, an area of laser markable material needs to be applied to the case – this is usually done at the converting plant where the cases are made and the laser material is printed on the case, very much as if it were an ink.

One such material for laser case coding is made by our partner, Datalase.

How Does it Work?

Datalase Laser Case Coding Solutions

How Datalase Works


3-Panel Label Printer Applicator

If you ship your products on pallets, ID Technology’s 3-Panel Label Printer Applicator is designed for you.

Pallet labeling for baked goods

3-Panel Label Printer Applicator

It is able to print and apply labels to up to three sides of your box or pallet, all with just one machine.

The 3-panel labeling system works in conjunction with your material handling conveyors and controls to present the products to the label applicator.

The Smart Tamp sensor built into the applicator determines the position of the product to allow for variations in pallet build and stop position.

Built on the best selling Model 252 platform this new system incorporates the Centerline-Modularity™ principle, minimizing settings and adjustments to ensure fast changeovers, enhanced OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) and reduced cost.

Barcode Scanning Systems

datalogicAs well as providing printing systems for producing your GS1 barcoding, ID Technology can also ensure that the barcodes are correctly formatted and are 100% scannable.

Our ID See! suite of barcode solutions is built around Datalogic scanning heads and can be used for scanning and validating linear and 2D barcodes as well as carrying our OCR print inspection.


ID Technology support covers all of North America – see our map:

ID Technology sales service coverage

In addition to the nationwide on-site service support, ID Technology also offers the best warranty in the business for our labeling equipment. Use ID Technology labels with our labeling systems and we’ll provide you with a lifetime equipment warranty at no charge – for as long as you use our products together.

Lifetime equipment warranty id technology If you work in the snack food business, how can we help you improve your labeling and coding operations?

To learn more, contact us today at 888-438-3242 Option#3 or you can contact me directly at We’ll get you in touch with one of our ID Technology specialists right in your area.

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