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Barcodes are crucial to making sure supply chains and distribution work efficiently. It often surprises me just how many companies are printing barcodes on their products or packaging, but not checking that they are formatted correctly and are of good quality – especially with GS1 or HIBCC barcodes that are often quite complicated to format.

At ID Technology we are addressing this problem by introducing the ID See! line up of barcode inspection solutions, designed to work with your label printer applicator, laser or inkjet printer.

ID See! Barcode Quality Control System

ID See! is built on Datalogic scanning technology and is available in three versions:

ID See! Linear

Uses a Datalogic DS2400N series scanner, designed to read all linear barcode symbologies. This is a great solution for ensuring compliance with GS1 standards, both for readability and keep track of any loss of quality.

ID See! Matrix

Barcode Scanning Systems ID TechnologyUpgrading to the Datalogix Matrix allows for higher speeds, more in-depth quality control and the ability to read 2D barcodes such as Datamatrix and QR code.

ID See! Matrix is a great choice for medical device marking applications (both on packaging and DPM), industrial DPM validation and anywhere there is a need to accurately control linear and 2D barcodes.


Our OCR package is the ultimate in print control for ensuring your products are in
compliance with serialization, customer, and regulatory requirements.

ID See! OCR is built around Datalogic’s Impact+ platform and can inspect up to 4
text fields and a barcode on every package you produce. We integrate the system
into ID Technology’s IPC touchscreen interface to provide you with complete

ID See! OCR can be used with thermal, inkjet and laser technology to give you maximum insight into the printing in your packaging operations.

Which ID See! Solution is Right For You?

When planning a labeling or barcode system, it is important that everything works happily together. We can help by firstly ensuring you are achieving the best possible barcode quality and also using the optimum barcode scanning system.

Contact us today at 888-438-3242 Option#3 or you can contact me directly at We’ll get you in touch with one of our ID Technology barcode specialists right in your area.

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