Labeling: The Psychology Behind the Design

labeling-psychology7Labels provide detailed information about the ingredients and features of our favorite products. The way the color, font, and logo are portrayed are all factors that help to shape the perception of a certain product or brand, and are sometimes taken for granted by consumers purchasing a product. However, they play an important role in the design of labels and the psychology behind this design.


As a company that specializes in providing labeling systems to our clients to fit their needs, we wanted to take an in-depth look at the psychology behind label design and important factors to consider when creating a label. During our research we uncovered the role of various aspects of design such as the appearance, color, and shapes of labels, and how these factors are an important part of consumer purchasing decisions. We want to share this information with you and provide guidance for the best elements to include in your label in order to attract consumers and encourage them to make a purchase. EPI Labelers encourages you to share this infographic on social media and inform other individuals about the various factors that are a part of the psychology behind label design.

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