Citronix ci5000 Series CIJ Printers

The evolution of the Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) printer, continues with the release of the brand new ci5000 Series printer from Citronix.

Citronix inkjet ci5000 series

The ci5000 builds on the reliability, print quality and ease of use of the previous ci3000 printers and introduces some new features that make the new printer even better.

Here’s a short video that highlights some of the new features:

Externally, the most noticeable change with the new printer is the introduction of a color touchscreen interface. The ci5000 is the first Citronix printer to be equipped with a graphical interface and the aim is to make using the printer even easier to operate than the previous model.

Built-in wizards make setting up a printer simple and on-board help and diagnostics help keep the printer in production, reducing downtime and improving OEE.

Everything with the ci5000 series is about making things easy. The addition of the new ciEasyServe service module eliminates the need to have to periodically change discreet filters (the new module can be replaced in about a minute) and the service interval is increased from 6,000 to 8,000 hours.

Citronix printers already produce great print quality, but the ci5000 has a new, more accurate viscometer, giving even better control of ink flow.

As well as being easier to use and easier to service, we’ve also made the ci5000 easier to install. Accessories, such as photocells and encoders, can be connected via industrial IP65 rated connectors on the outside of the cabinet. Backups of the message formats (as well as installing firmware upgrades) can be done using the convenient USB and SD Card ports on the processor board.

ciSafeFill is a new addition that prevents incorrect ink being used – if you use more than one ink type in your operation, the potential problems caused by using an ink in the wrong printer are eliminated.

When finishing work at the end of the day, just pressing the power button and confirming on the screen allows the operator to leave, knowing the printer will perform the correct shut-down routine and be ready for the first print on start-up the next day.

We are excited to bring this new evolution of the Citronix printer to the market.

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