Print and Apply Labels to Bags

Recently a good customer needed to be able to print and apply labels to bags – an off-line operation prior to filling.

ID Technology teamed up with the folks at Kirk-Rudy to integrate the labeling system into a well proven Kirk-Rudy feeder. The feeder takes individual bags from a hopper and feeds them past the 252 labeling head, where the label is printed in real-time and applied to the bag.

See the system in action in this short video:

ID Technology’s 252 series of label printer applicators is the most versatile on the market (as well as being the best-selling printer applicator in the North American market), with a wide range of applicator modules for specific jobs.

In this case, the applicator chosen was IDT’s merge/wipe-on module. This applicator uncouples the print speed from the product speed, allowing the label to be applied to products moving at a higher speed than the printer can run. This technique maximizes production output at the same time as achieving the best print quality. The applicator unit needs no plant air to operate.

In this system, printing duties are handled by a Zebra ZE500 print engine and the use of 14-inch diameter label rolls keeps downtime due to label roll changes to a minimum.

Combining the 252 labeling system with excellent Kirk-Rudy results in an excellently engineered solution that is simple to set up and operate and tough enough for demanding multi-shift operation.

Here at ID Technology, we specialize in creative labeling solutions that help you keep your production running efficiently. Whatever your labeling problem, contact us today at, 888-438-3242 Option#3 or you can contact me directly at We’ll get you in touch with one of our ID Technology specialists, right in your area.

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