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If you need to be able to print text, logos and barocodes onto corrugated cases at the lowest cost per print, our ProSeries inkjet printers from FoxJet might be just what you need.

FoxJet ProSeries printer for printing shipping cases

FoxJet ProSeries printer for printing shipping cases

ID Technology has been a partner of FoxJet for many years and the ProSeries products, based on Trident print technology, are well proven to produce excellent print quality and to be incredibly durable. Trident based printers are proven to have the lowest cost of ownership of high-resolution inkjet printing systems.

Two versions of the ProSeries printheads are available, the 2-inch wide 384 and 4-inch wide 768. Using a pair of 768 printheads allows a print height of 8 inches, providing the ability to print the complete side of many shipping cases.

Here’s a short video showing a 2-inch 384 printhead printing onto corrugated cases:

Three models of controller are available for the Pro Series:

Elite – FoxJet’s top level controller, an Industrial PC with 17-inch touchscreen interface. Elite can handle up to four printheads that can be on two separate production lines.

Matrix – a less expense, but still full-featured controller that can also handle four printheads and two production lines. Matrix has a 10-inch touchscreen and simplified layout, making it easy to learn and use.

Duo XT – has a color display and full QWERTY keyboard for designing formats and operating the system. Duo XT can control up to four 384 printheads or two 768 printers.

Controllers for FoxJet ProSeries

Controllers for FoxJet ProSeries

Because the distance from the printhead to product needs to be accurately controlled for best print quality, FoxJet offers retracting printhead mounting brackets. These are designed to hold the printhead the correct distance from the box as it moves by, ensuring the best possible print quality.  option is shown in the video.

At ID Technology we have a lot of options for labeling and barcoding your corrugated cases, including the best-selling line-up of label printer applicators on the market. How do you know which is best for you? The best approach is to have your local ID Technology specialist work with you to evaluate your current operation and work with you to find the optimal solution.

Contact ID Technology today to get started! Call us at 888-438-3242 Option#3 or you can contact David Holliday at We’ll get you in touch with one of our ID Technology specialists right in your area.

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