Wrap and Label Solution for E-Commerce

As more products are sold on-line, improving the efficiency of packaging operations is crucial to keeping things moving as they should.

ID Technology labeling equipment is well established in the logistics business, applying barcodes and shipping labels to products to make the entire order fulfillment process work smoothly.

A new product in this industry is from Pro Mach company, Texwrap, a new wrapping system that is specially designed for use in fulfillment centers where multiple types of product need to be packaged and shipped.

This helps with the goal of reducing the amount of packaging used, as well as improving efficiency.

The Texwrap system allows random sized and shaped products to be wrapped automatically, using a minimum of film for each package. In addition, an ID Technology 252 labeling system scans a barcode on each product and prints and applies the appropriate shipping label, in real-time. Check out the system in action in this short video:

The labeling application is built using NiceLabel’s NiceForms software and it interfaces with the wrapping system to produce a complete automated solution.

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