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Digital print labelsThere’s no doubt that labels are important;  every day we read labels to make decisions about a buying a product, how to use it, and how to store it. Labels inform, educate, and attract consumers, manufacturers, and retailers. Labels are everywhere in our daily lives, and here are just a few of the reasons why reading the label is

Labels tell you what you are eating. The list of ingredients and nutritional data informs you of anything that might cause harm, such as allergens. The information on the label helps you to decide what to choose as part of a healthy diet. The FDA and USDA mandate that all food labels show the same nutrition and health information so consumers can compare different foods and make appropriate choices.

Labels tell you how to use medicines. All nonprescription, over-the-counter (OTC) medicine labels now have detailed usage and warning information so consumers can properly choose and use the products. The labels include information such as active ingredients, use, warnings, dosage information, how to store the medicines, who manufactured or distributed it, and expiration date. The label gives detailed and important information, including changes that may have been made to the product by the manufacturer. Therefore, it’s critical to take the time to read the label and follow the directions carefully.

Labels attract attention.  If you are selling a product, you want your label to be noticeable, informative, and attractive. Marketers invest a lot of effort determining the best way to position, promote, place, and price a product, and all of that effort appears on that perfect label. Psychological data exists showing how color, font, and logo help to shape the perception of a certain product or brand, and these factors play an important role in label design. For more on this, read “Labeling: The Psychology Behind the Design” from EPI Labelers.

Click to view the infographic.

Click to view the infographic.

Labels track your assets and inventory. Fixed assets with serial numbered barcode labels helps you track and locate them quickly. Reading or scanning serialized labels give you an accurate accounting of your investment. Use serialized labels on items used in production as well as barcode location labels and you are on your way to having a useful tracking system in place. In the warehouse, unique barcode labels affixed to shelves ensure that items are put away in the correct places and that they can be easily found again when needed for use in production or to be shipped.

Fruit Crate Label

Fruit Crate Label

Labels tell you what is inside a shipping box. Businesses that rely on shipping to get their products to customers know how important both the packaging and the labels are. So consider what the outside of the box looks like because anyone who can see your label during transport might become interested in finding out about your products. Shipping boxes and crates often have descriptive labels affixed to them to help identify special handling needs, or warnings about hazardous contents.prepared-hazmat-package

Barcoded shipping labels, another type of label for your shipping box, helps streamline shipping from your warehouse to your customer’s warehouse. Tracking data captured in the barcode includes important information, such as tracking numbers and delivery addresses, data that is communicated to customers so they can know when to expect shipment.

Labels are proof of compliance with industry and government standards. If you happen to be in the defense supply chain, you’ll need to be able to produce unique serialized labels that meet the demands of MIL-STD-129 and 130. Food companies need to comply with the standard of GS1 that enables traceability, and this standard is built around unique serial labels. Medical device manufacturers need to be sure that their serial labels comply to GS1 or to HIBBC, the two standard bodies needed for the FDA’s Unique Device Identification program.

Reading the label is key to getting the kind of information needed to make an informed choice. Your label can ensure that the consumer chooses your products, that your products arrive at their intended destination, and that your production, shipping, and warehouse facilities operate with efficiency. ID Technology’s six label facilities offer the label expertise and service you need. We specialize in innovative labeling solutions to give your products distinctive appeal and ensure proper use and handling. Contact us today at, 888-438-3242 Option#3 or you can contact David Holliday directly at We’ll get you in touch with one of our ID Technology specialists, right in your area.





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