Unlock the Speed of Your Labeling System

There are times when a conveyor system runs faster than a particular labeling system can keep up with. This might mean that a complete new labeling machine needs to be purchased to be able to meet the demands of the application.

ID Technology’s ST1000 label applicator has a very elegant way to help solve this problem – the wipe-on or merge applicator module that was originally developed for our label printer applicators.

The ST1000 is a simple, robust labeling system, designed with a maximum web speed of 1,000 inches per minute. For conveyors that run at this (or less) speed, the standard ST1000 is an excellent well-proven solution. Should the conveyor speed be higher, adding the merge module allows the same applicator to happily label products at significantly higher speeds.

The merge module is a simple device that consists of a grid and a fan to provide an air-flow. The label is completely dispensed onto the grid where it is taken by the passing product and wiped on by the synthetic roller. The timing of the process is such that the label arrives at the end of the grid, the product is in the right position so that the label is accurately applied.

As the video shows, the ST1000 labeler is feeding the labels at a speed that is significantly slower than the speed of the conveyor that is feeding the trays of product. This allows the ST1000 to handle high speed labeling jobs, while the applicator itself is operating at less than it’s maximum speed, helping to minimize wear on the machine.

The merge module can be used on ST1000 applicators as well as on ID Technology’s label printer applicators and can handle labels up to 8-inches long.

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