9000 Series – No Nonsense Labeling Systems

Did you know, with four labeling equipment brands, ID Technology, EPI Labelers, LSI and NJM Packaging, Pro Mach is the North America market leader in pressure-sensitive labeling?

We’ve been working hard to design and built the best line up of labeling equipment – perfect for the vast majority of labeling jobs. Our commitment to providing labelers that are simple to use and maintain while producing high quality labeled product at a sensible price is demonstrated in our new 9000 Series of labeling machines.

The 9000 Series labelers from ID Technology are built using our well proven ST1000 and M-Series labeling heads, combined with well-engineered product handling systems and easy to operate controls. The 9000 Series labelers, fit into four categories – semi-automatic labelers, in-line labelers for round containers, in-line labelers for non-round containers and, finally, labelers for applying labels to the tops and bottom faces of products.

Semi-Automatic Labelers

Semi-Automatic Labeling Machines for a wide range of products

Semi-Automatic Labeling Machines – 9110 & 9120


Built around the well proven ID Technology ST1000 labeling head, the two semi-automatic labeling systems are simple to use and robust enough to provide many years of accurate trouble free labeling.

LSI-9110 is designed to label round containers. The operator loads the product to be labeled into the fixture and initiates the labeling sequence by using a footswitch or a finger switch (we use a pair of finger switches to ensure the operator’s hands are well away from any moving parts). The rollers in the fixture, gently rotate the bottle as the label is applied, leading to exceptional label wrap accuracy. It is possible to label up to 20 products using this machine, depending on the operator.

If variable information, such as date or lot codes, needs to be added the label, the 9110 can be supplied with either our 32d digital TTO printer or iCON 2 laser coder.

LSI-9120 uses much of the design from the 9110 but is intended for labeling non-round products.

In this application, the product is placed into a location fixture and the label is fed onto a tamp pad, where it is controlled by vacuum as it transfers the label to the container.

As with the 9110, variable information can be printed onto the label using a TTO or laser coder.

In-Line Labelers for Round Containers.

The 9000 Series includes two systems for labeling round containers.

9000 Series for Round Containers. Model 9140 (top) & Model 9130 (bottom)

9000 Series for Round Containers. Model 9140 (top) & Model 9130 (bottom)

LSI-9130 is a wrap labeler, designed to be able to apply a label to round containers at speeds of up to 60 per minute.

Our in-line labelers use the M-Series labeling heads that can dispense labels at web speeds of up to 1,200 inches per minute.

As containers enter the conveyor of the 9130, they are accurately spaced by the spacer wheel and transported through the machine. The label is applied as the container passes through the driven wrap-belt, which is set to run at twice the conveyor speed so that the forward movement of the product remains constant as the label is wrapped around.

With Allen Bradley PLC controls, PackML, a simple to use HMI and PackML compliance, the 9130 is the perfect labeling system for many applications. A laser or TTO coder can be added to the 9130 to print variable information on the labels, prior to application to the product.

LSI-9140 shares most features of the 9130 and is also designed to label round containers. In this case, the wrap-belt module is replaced with a 3-point wrap assembly. The 3-point wrap gently rotates the container between three rollers as the label is applied. This provides enhanced accuracy and also allows for labeling of more unstable products.

Another advantage of the 9140 is the ability to apply the label in register with a feature, such as a handle or existing print – with the addition of an optional registration sensor.


Labeler for Non-Round Containers

Model 9150 Labeling System for round and non-round containers

Model 9150 Labeling System for round and non-round containers

LSI-9150 can be supplied with one or two M-Series labeling heads, to apply labels to non-round (round as well, with the addition of the optional wrap-belt) containers, either one side or both sides.

Like all 9000 Series labelers, the 9150 is engineered to the highest standards and is simple to use and maintain.

Products entering the machine are spaced on the conveyor by the spacer wheel and controlled by a powered top hold-down belt as the labels are applied. After application, the labels are wiped into place by brushes or rollers. When labels need to be applied to round containers, an optional wrap-belt station can be installed.

Allen Bradley controls, simple HMI interface and PackML compliance are all part of the package.

Labelers for top and Bottom of Packages.

Labelers for top and bottom of packages.

Labelers for Top/Bottom of Packages (from left) 9220, 9230, 9210

EPI-9210 – Top/Bottom Labeler is engineered to apply labels to the top, bottom or top and bottom of a range of packages that can lay flat on the conveyor. The 9210 is ideal for labeling baked goods, produce, meat products and more.

Robustly built from non-corrosive materials, the 9210 can operate in the harsh environments that are found in many food companies. It uses the M-Series labeling heads and has PLC controls and an easy to use touch-screen HMI. The 9220 and 9230 share much of the design and features of the Model 9210 but are engineered to handle different applications.

EPI-9220 – intended for c-wrap labeling, applying a single label that is wrapped around three sides of a clamshell package.

Like the 9210, this labeling system is at home in many bakery, meat and other food applications – indeed for labeling just about any product that is in a clamshell type package.

EPI-9230 – our “hybrid” labeling solution combines features of both the 9210 and 9220. For customers looking for flexibility, the 9230 can apply a label to either the top or the bottom of the package, or both if needed. It can also wrap a label around the top, bottom and front of the package (c-wrap) if needed.

The 9230 is ideal for companies where different labeling configurations need to be handled, but the volume doesn’t justify buying two labeling machines. It is also good for contract packagers where flexibility is of huge importance in order to handle the many label configurations that might be confronted.

All of the 9000 Series labeling systems are supported by ID Technology’s nationwide network of technical support. In addition, we operate six label printing plants across the US and Canada so we are you local label supplier with national coverage.

9000 Series can handle many labeling applications, they are just a part of our overall range. Our EPI Labelers products, for example, are the leader in labeling systems for installing into flexible packaging machines, such as flow-wrappers and baggers. Among our LSI products is the Serialization Series, designed especially for the demanding needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

With so many solutions, ID Technology is ready to help you get the best out of your labeling operations. Do you want to get started?  Contact us today – 888-438-3242 Option#3 or you can contact me directly at dholliday@idtechnology.com. We’ll get you in touch with the appropriate specialist to get you going!

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