New Compact, Affordable Laser Coder – iCON 2

Macsa’s iCON has become well establish as the premier low-cost laser coding system for a wide range of packaging operations.

After building a lot of success with this product line, ID Technology is launching the new generation – iCON 2, CO2 Laser Coder.

iCON 2 keeps everything that was good about the original design and makes it better – the resiseing a sophisticated laser that is environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

iCON 2 Laser Coder ID Technology

iCON 2 Laser Coder

Macsa has been an innovator in the laser coding business for more than 30 years and offers the widest product line in the industry that includes the revolutionary SPA (Scalable Product Architecture) lasers and the hugely popular K-Series.

n2 - the new laser coding systemUnlike its predecessor, iCON 2 is housed within a robust all-metal enclosure, has a more efficient and reliable power supply and is available in both 10 Watt and 30 Watt versions. Communication is also enhanced, the iCON 2 comes with network connectivity as standard (this was optional on the earlier version). Knowing that dirt and dust are the enemies of laser systems, iCON 2 is designed with better filters to help keep the laser and electronics cool and clean.

A major breakthrough for the iCON 2 is the ability to print both linear and 2D barcodes. Static barcoding is available as standard and dynamic barcoding is optional. This allows us to introduce the benefits of laser coding for a new line up of applications (such as serialization) at a lower price point than in the past.

The original iCON had a simple built-in touchscreen interface. While this was useful in some cases, it could be difficult to reach (depending on how the laser was installed) and was limited in functionality. The iCON 2 uses the same touchscreen as the SPA laser that allows for more control of print formats and the laser in general.

iCON 2 is sold as a complete kit – the laser, mounting stand, lens protection and product detect photocell are all included. Just choose whether to use the touchscreen HMI or network to a computer (using our Marca Lite software) and the system is ready to use fast.

icon 2 laser coder system

When it comes to laser coding, iCON 2 is in a class of its own when it comes to cost and quality – the perfect laser for many packaging applications. It is also the entry point to the complete range of Macsa lasers for both packaging and industrial applications.

icon2-easy to install integrate use and buy

How can a laser coding system help your company? Find out by having an ID Technology specialist review you current product coding infrastructure and work with you to develop the best possible plan. To get started, contact us today – 888-438-3242 Option#3 or you can contact David Holliday at We’ll get you in touch with the appropriate laser specialist to get you started.

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