Selecting the Best Labeler for Your Pet Food

Selecting the Best Packaging and Label Application for Your Pet Food

The pet food industry is expanding at a rapid pace to meet the needs of consumers who want to purchase quality food for their animal. Many individuals consider their pet to be a companion and member of the family, and there are new food, toy, and apparel options that are constantly hitting the market to meet the needs of these individuals.

If your company manufactures pet food, how do you speak to consumers while ensuring your product stands apart from the competition? Here are some of the ways you can select the best packaging and labeling for your cuisine.

Types of Product Packaging

Many pet foods are packaged in containers such as bottles, bags, and pouches. How do you decide which container is the best to use for your product?

1. Bottles

If your brand produces items such as pet vitamins or liquid supplements, bottles are an ideal option for packaging and offer space for label application on the side, top, or wrapped around the bottle. In addition to this, bottles are a convenient and portable option, and also have a secure lid to ensure all of the contents stay in place.

2. Bags

Packaging dog or cat food in a bag is another popular method for storing your product. When creating a label for food packaged in bags, remember to determine the best placement for the label. Will the label be placed near the top or bottom of the package, and on the front or back of the bag? If you are placing the label on the front of the bag make sure that it does not cover up important information such as your logo or the contents of the package.

Another item to evaluate is the difference between vertical and horizontal labels. Vertical placement is best suited for reseal labels while horizontal placement is ideal for front labels. The reseal label is an ideal option for consumers looking to preserve their pet’s food.

3. Stand-up Pouches

When walking through the pet food aisle, it’s clear to see that stand-up pouches are increasing in popularity. Consumers appreciate the convenience of being able to close and reopen their pet food with the assurance that the product is remaining as fresh as possible. This convenient packaging option is popular for a variety of pet foods and treats. One of the benefits of a stand-up pouch is the ability to place a label that can be resealed on this good. This meets the needs of consumers and allows them to maintain freshness for their pet’s food. In addition to this, these pouches offer a convenient option for storage and are designed in a way that helps the product stay upright to minimalize spills.

Disclosing Pet Food Ingredients to Consumers

According to a recent article in Supermarket News, individuals shopping for pet foods are looking for options that are gluten-free and grass-fed. As we become more aware of the foods we consume for ourselves, making sure our pets are eating quality products is important as well. The ingredients contained in pet food are a top priority for many owners, so it is important to make sure your brand’s packaging effectively communicates the product’s nutrients and health benefits.

After determining whether a bottle, bag, or stand-up pouch is the best fit for your product, take some time to think about what information you want to highlight on the label. Your label should mention if an item contains chicken, beef, seafood, or vegetables. In addition to labeling the proteins and vegetables contained in pet food, make sure to emphasize vitamins and minerals included in the cuisine as well as any special dietary features.

The example below from the popular pet food brand Blue Buffalo highlights how their products do not contain artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors. If your brand’s pet food lacks artificial ingredients, or contains ingredients that meet dietary needs, make sure to feature this information on the label.

At the end of the day it is important to keep the needs of your customer in mind. Pets often have a seat at the dinner table and pet parents want to provide their dogs and cats with the best suited and most nutritious options available. Make sure to select a package type and craft a label that speaks to the needs of your target audience.

If you would like to learn more about the best label or labeling machine to use for your pet food product, please contact us today. We are happy to discuss the most ideal option to fit the needs of your business!

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