Labeling and Coding Solutions for Produce


Since produce is a highly perishable product, maintaining safe handling and extending its short shelf life is a challenge. Post-harvest yield loss costs growers, processors, retailers and consumers billions each year. Effective packaging increases shelf life and makes the product more appealing to consumers, while labeling and coding solutions meet the labeling requirements of the FDA, distributors, and supermarkets. Pending changes in inspections and Customs and Border Protection rules, plus the sanitary transportation portion of the coming food safety rules, may require frequent updates and changes to your labeling and coding equipment and procedures.

ID Technology’s range of labeling and coding solutions help you meet these challenges. We have the labeling and coding solutions for every level of packaging for produce, from expertly printed prime labels to labeling and coding equipment.

Primary Packaging

tomatoes in clamshell

Label and code you packaging with high-quality codes, text, and graphics that meet regulatory requirements, attract customer attention and establish brand identity.


We offer flexographic, digital, direct thermal and thermal transfer label materials. With durable materials that comply with FDA product labeling mandates, our high-quality prime labels can be customized for any shape or surface type and can include variable data for short and long run orders.

EPI Labeling Systems

Produce packaged in polyethylene bags increase the shelf life of the product and are easily printed on for branding, applying messaging such as instantly redeemable coupons, and food labeling. Labeling systems, such as the Flex-Pack™ Labeling System works with vertical form-fill-seal baggings machine to apply labels to the film before the bag is formed.

Continuous Inkjet

Designed and built here in the USA, our Citronix ciSeries CIJ printers are easy-to-use, need minimal maintenance and produce great print quality. Add real-time coding to your products and keep up with high speed production lines. Add identifying marks such as date & lot codes, barcodes, traceability codes and logos on a range of packaging types with our reliable, industrial line-up of CIJ printers.

Macsa Laser Coders

Macsa lasers perform in high-speed environments and produce high-quality, high-contrast lot codes, sell-by daproduce_perforationtes and variable data directly onto film, foils, paperboard, paper labels or cardboard. Lasers can score, slit and cut the plastic films and foils used in flexible packaging to shape and form the packaging for easy opening. No consumables are needed and the lasers require minimal maintenance.

Thermal Transfer Overprinters

Our range of Thermal Transfer Overprinters (TTO) add variable information, such as date codes, lot numbers, and pricing, to flexible packaging.clamshell_TTO Each EasyPrint thermal transfer overprinter is capable of both intermittent and continuous printing, allowing for integration into both intermittent and continuous packaging lines. An integrated printhead heater allows for printing at low temperatures. Thermal transfer overprinting results in a sharp, clear image without compromising production speed.

Secondary Packaging

The 252N integrated with the 252CTL case taper/labeler.

Secondary packaging keeps the primary packaging safe and intact so it retains its original shape during transport. Our label printer applicators allow you to print and apply labels in real time to one or more side of your cases, cartons, and shipping containers.

High Resolution Inkjet

datalase-case-codingReplace your inventory of preprinted cases and cartons with large character printing using the FoxJet ProSeries of inkjet printers. Produce high-quality, high-resolution text, barcodes and graphic images directly onto cases on demand. We offer various printhead configurations that provide up to 4″ hight printing at 300 dpi print resolution.

Laser Marking on Cartons

Combine a DataLase solution with our Macsa lasers to mark directly onto cartons. foxjetThe DataLase material is printed directly onto the carton during converting and produces a color change when activated with a low power CO2 laser.

Labeling and Coding Pallets and Boxes

Print and apply multiple labels to pallets or boxes with one of ID Technology’s elegant and cost effective solutions. Apply 252_sidelabels to one, two, or three sides of a box or pallet; a laser type sensor locates the position of the area to be labeled for accurate placement of the label. Our solutions work with irregular pallets and tolerances in material handling. We also offer an optional stainless steel enclosure for washdown environments.

Featured Pro Mach Solution

Ossid-stretchwrap-produceOssid, powered by Pro Mach, is a leading manufacturer of high-speed packaging and labeling equipment, including tray overwrappers, weigh price labelers, case scales and horizontal form fill seal machinery.

Based in Rocky Mount, NC, Ossid has earned the reputation as the leader in case ready packaging based on over 30 years of expertise. Tray packaging solutions span from leak-proof tray sealing to stretch and shrink wrapping. Our weigh price labeler is one of the most flexible in the industry. Our form fill seal solutions range from compact machines to large custom solutions to meet any customer needs.

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