Labeling and Coding for Logistics

warehouseElements of a successful logistics systems are visibility into the supply chain, optimized processes that operate at a low cost, and consistent and timely receipt and shipping of inventory and product. How can you use labeling and coding to achieve a successful system? By implementing innovative labeling systems that keep your warehouse moving to reduce downtime, save costs, and ensure customer satisfaction. ID Technology’s solutions help you meet the challenges of a busy warehouse.



Labels play a critical roll in efficient warehouse operations; they identify inventory, warehouse locations, and other elements for improved tracking and data collection, are essential for managing inventory, and track moving products throughout your distribution facility. Choosing the correct label system that is tailored to your warehouses’ needs reduces time spent picking items from shelves, increases inventory accuracy, and streamlines shipping and receiving.

Logistics Barcode Labels

ID Technology provides custom printed barcode labels for your logistics applications, including labels that comply to all the GS1 standards, as well as labels designed for MIL-STD-129 for the DoD supply Best Barcode qualitychain. Our products include rugged labels that withstand the wear-and-tear of warehouse environments, specialized labels for cold storage or harsh elements, and serialized barcode labels uniquely identify each carton or container to drive distribution operations. Our six label converting plants offer digital printing for customized labels, labels that require variable data, and support for short and long runs.

Logmatix Warehouse Labels

Logmatix warehouse labels identify all the elements in your warehouse and logistics system, from bin labels to overhead reflective placards. Reduce time wasted looking for inventory using labels and signslogmatix-warehouse-labels that pinpoint the correct location of all of your products. Accurate, efficient inventory placement and picking gives you better tracking and reduces costs. We manufacture small labels to fit small bins, shelf and rack labels, hanging placards, and magnetic labels. No matter what it is in your warehouse that needs a label for faster locating of items, we can accommodate your needs. We also offer RFID enabled location labels. Our custom solutions remain readable, even when subjected to constant, heavy traffic and use.

Labeling Systems

Applying GS1 Barcodes for Walmart Compliance

Applying Pre-printed GS1 Barcodes at High speed

A well-functioning logistics system can’t rely on error-prone and slow manual labeling. Our solutions automate labeling by integrating directly into your production line to reduce inefficiencies and mislabeling.

Labeling Printer Applicators

ID Technology’s range of label printer applicators offers a modular design and quality construction. Apply labels consistently and accurately in any type of production environment to one or more sides of a carton using the OEM print engine of your choice. Print and apply labels in real-time for speedy labeling with our range of applicator modules. When used in conjunction with ID Technology’252Es labels, you get an extended warranty for fast diagnosis and repair of any unexpected issues.

Our Model 255 is perfect for materials handling system integration and for end users wishing to fully integrate labeling into a warehouse or logistics system. Built on our proven 252 platform, the Model 255 brings a new level or control and communication to your material handling system.  With a control philosophy built around PackML and an Allen Bradley PCL, the 255 is ready to be integrated into just about any packaging line or materials handling system.

The Model 350HS is the ultimate labeling system for integration into automatic systems, especially for automatic receiving applications where a label needs to be printed and applied to the top face of boxes that vary in height. The high speed electric tamp style label printer applicator can print and apply a label to the top of variable height boxes and cartons. Using a servo based rack/gear actuator for faster throughput, the 350EHS can label boxes varying in height up to30 inches at speeds up to 55 cases per minute.


Personalize Shipping Cases and Cartons

Our high-resolution large character inkjet printers from FoxJet means you no longer need an inventory of preprinted cases and cartons. The Foxjet ProSeries of printers produce high-quality, high-resolution text, bfoxjetarcodes and graphic images directly onto cases on demand. We offer various printhead configurations that provide up to 4″ high printing at 300 dpi print resolution.

datalase-case-codingAnother option is to combine a DataLase solution with our Macsa lasers to mark directly onto cartons. The DataLase material is printed directly onto the carton during converting and produces a color change when activated with a low power CO2 laser.



Featured Pro Mach Solution

Stretch Wrapping for Pallets


Pro Mach’s Orion Packaging is a manufacturer and worldwide distributor of automatic stretch wrapping machines semi-automatic stretch wrapping equipment. Offering the most comprehensive line of end-of-line stretch wrapping pallet packaging products available,  Orion Packaging leads the industry in pallet and stretch wrapping machinery technology. and continually sets the standard for durability, efficiency, flexibility, reliability and performance.

For more information about Orion Packaging and their products, visit

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