Why is CIJ the Best Selling Coding Technology?

Continuous inkjet printers have been around for some time, and while several new technologies have emerged in the years since, CIJ remains the coding choice for many industries.

Citronix ci5000 Printers

Citronix ci5000 Family

With increased interest in traceability for many types of product, CIJ printers have evolved to ensure it is possible to meet the demands of users for accurate high-quality printing on a vast range of product types.

Here are some reasons CIJ remains at the top of the coding heap:

  • Can print on just about any materials. The CIJ manufacturers have developed general purpose inks that can print on many substrates as well as more specialized ones for difficult to print materials. It is rare to find a substrate that can’t be printed using CIJ equipment.
  • Low cost per print. The continuous inkjet process manages ink usage very carefully, ensuring that the maximum number of prints can be produced for a given volume of ink and additive. Especially for high volume products, CIJ is usually the lowest cost way to ensure good quality coding.
  • Ease of use. Modern CIJ printers, such as our Citronix ci5000 Series are designed to be simple for the operators to use. Icon driven controls and easy setup wizards, help make introducing a new CIJ printer an easy task.
    Citronix ci5000 Series touch screen
  • Great print quality. Each generation of CIJ printer allows for better print quality with minimum fuss. All our customers want their coding to enhance the quality of the packaging and modern CIJ printers certainly deliver.
  • Barcoding. along with better print quality, barcode capability has also improved. The ci5000 printers can print Datamatrix and QR 2D barcodes as well as linear barcodes. This capability makes Citronix CIJ printers a good option for companies using barcodes as part of their traceability or marketing system.
  • Harsh environments. Many coding systems are asked to operate in less than perfect conditions. Dust, low temperatures, CIJ printers have to face them all. That’s why Citronix printers have IP55 environmental protection as standard, with IP65 as an available option.
  • Everyone needs date or lot coding. Regardless of the industry you work in, just about every product needs to have some kind of date or lot coding added. Citronix CIJ printers are well proven to be a great solution for many applications.

At ID Technology, we provide a range of technologies for effective printing of dates, lot codes, barcodes, graphics, etc. onto a huge range of products. With over 40 PMMI certified technicians across North America, we can support your operations wherever you are. To get started, contact us today – 888-438-3242 Option#3 or you can contact me at dholliday@idtechnology.com. We’ll get you in touch with the appropriate laser specialist to get you started.

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