The Flexible Labeling System

ID Technology’s EPI-9230 is an incredibly versatile labeling machine, able to accurately apply a label to the top, bottom, top, and bottom of a package, as well as being able to wrap a label around three sides – all on the same machine.

As standard, the 9230 is equipped with two of our M-Series but it is also possible to replace one (or both) of these with the Model 262 print and apply labeling head.

The 262 is a specially designed labeling head that can print text, graphics, logos, barcodes and nutritional information onto the labels, before application to the products.  The 262 design totally decouples the printing and application of the labels, allowing the label to be applied to the product at the correct synchronized speed, regardless of the print speed.

EPI-9230 Labeler with Model 262 Labeling Head

EPI-9230 Labeler with Model 262 Labeling Head

The result is an applicator that is more robust than most printer-applicators (that rely on the print engine to feed the labels through the system), that can keep up with demanding production line speeds. In addition, if pre-printed labels need to be applied, the 262 labeling head works just like a regular apply-only labeling unit, with no compromise in performance.

Applying C-Wrap Label

Applying C-Wrap Label

We usually supply the 262 labeling heads with either a Zebra or SATO print engine. These models have the largest market share and excellent support. The print engines also have well-proven emulation – they can print label files using their respective native programming language as well as other types.

For customers looking for the ultimate in flexibility, maybe a food company that needs to apply a flexo label to the top of the package and a nutritional label (perhaps pre-printed, maybe print on demand) to the bottom, the 9230 with 262 applicator could be the perfect fit. Don’t need to print the complete label on the packaging line? No problem, the 9230 can also be provided with ID Technology’s TTO digital overprinter – ideal for adding date codes to your labels.

The 9230 is part of the 9000 Series of labeling systems from ID Technology. All of them are designed to be easy to use and give many years of great performance (even in tough conditions) – all at sensible pricing.

Do you want to get started with improving your own labeling operations?  Contact us today – 888-438-3242 Option#3 or you can contact me directly at We’ll get you in touch with the appropriate specialist to get you going!

With six label printing plants (and huge investments in both flexo and digital printing) as well as nationwide service support, ID Technology can ensure your labeling systems keep your products looking their best!

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