Low Volume Label Printer Applicator

ID Technology has built the largest market share for label printer applicators by developing a line-up of labeling systems that can handle just about every application. The 252 platform has been refined to be the most complete range in the industry.  Now it is expanded further with the addition of the latest variant, the Model 222 system, designed to handle low volume applications at a very competitive price point.

Model 222 Labeling System for low volume applications

Model 222 Labeling System

The 222 is no watered down, entry level product. It is solidly constructed on the industry leading 252 platform and shares most components with the mainstream ID Technology product line. The unique feature of the 222 is that it uses SATO’s Lt408 OEM print engine to carry out the printing and label feed duties.

This printer is well proven and is designed to print labels at speeds of up to 6 inches per second, using either direct thermal or thermal transfer technology.

The other differentiation is that the 222 is currently available with just straight tamp or swing tamp application modules and a limited option set. The rest of the machine modules, label unwind, electronics, pneumatics and label rewind are all identical to the 252, making the 222 and incredibly robust labeler for your low volume applications.

Regardless of whether you work for a small company with limited production, or a larger business with some lower volume packaging lines, there is a good chance the 222 concept will work for you. Indeed, whatever your labeling application, there is going to be an ID Technology solution that fits your needs perfectly.

Do you want to get started with improving your own labeling operations?  Contact us today – 888-438-3242 Option#3 or you can contact me directly at dholliday@idtechnology.com. We’ll get you in touch with the appropriate specialist to get you going!

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