Improving the Efficiency of Your Packaging Lines

Everyone talks about needing to improve the efficiency of their packaging operation, but how can this really be achieved?

ZPI from ProMach Performace Services is a tool designed to collect real-time data from your packaging equipment and give you total visibility of what is happening across your enterprise.

ZPI can collect data from just about every piece of packaging equipment and it includes the tools to help you analyze overall line integration efficiency, individual machine performance, buffering efficiencies, operations, and production scheduling. This allows KPIs to be set and OEE to be improved by focusing on areas where improvements will have the most impact.

Designed with dashboards that present data clearly and accurately, ZPI data and reports can be viewed on any computer or mobile device.

Knowing that network security is a huge concern to our customers, ZPI is not designed to be a cloud-based system. Instead, ZPI is installed on a local server that our customers have complete control over – with the provision that remote users can access the reports over a VPN with access only to that specific server.

ZPI does not need a lot of additional hardware to be installed. It works with existing machine control PLCa to get the data it needs for real-time and historical reporting. As a result, installations are not intrusive – the packaging line generally does not have to be stopped during installations, allowing production to continue.

ProMach is your partner to help you improve your packaging – from a single piece of equipment to complete integrated lines, there is a ProMach solution for just about every packaging problem.

To get started, contact ZPI at 905-592-4600 or you can email me at I’ll get you connected with the right person to get you started. You can also download the ZPI datasheet here: ZPI Datasheet

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