How Reverse Airflow Keeps Your Laser in Top Shape

Macsa Laser Coding Systems - ID TechnologyLaser coding is a modern, eco-friendly way to print date and lot codes and variable information onto a wide range of packaging products.

There are some great advantages that come with these systems such as very low maintenance and the fact that no consumables are needed to achieve excellent print quality.

It must be recognized, however, that lasers are not 100% maintenance-free. Dirt, dust and wide temperature fluctuations are the enemies of lasers. Preventative maintenance does need to be carried out quite regularly to ensure the laser electronics and optics are kept clean.

Most packaging lasers are air-cooled, which means ambient air is drawn into the laser cabinet to cool the system. Any dust or debris that is carried into the laser can affect the electronics and the optical systems. This can lead to poor print quality, downtime, and even equipment failure.

The new SPA lasers from Macsa, fight back against dirt and temperature extremes with a novel new cooling system, Reverse Air Flow (RAF). SPA lasers are certified to IP54 Ingress Protection standards and all air used for cooling is kept within an IP65 channel. This unique system ensures that the ambient air (likely to contain dirt, dust and other particles)  never comes into contact with the system electronics or gets inside the scanning head where the optical components reside.  RAF also helps keep the lens clean of dust that might accumulate while the laser is working.

The video shows how the RAF system functions.

SPA laces are available in both 10 W and 30 W CO2 laser systems as well as a range of fiber laser printers.

Does RAF make a difference? It certainly does! Take a look at these two images, the first from a non-SPA laser and the second from an SPA (with the RAF system). Both are lasers were used in very similar environments for about six months.

MACSA lasers with RAF Reversed Airflow

RAF on the SPA Laser Keeps Everything Cleaner


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