High Speed Barcode Labeling – PowerMerge™

As supply chains become more data dependent, the ability to be able to print and apply barcode labels to shipping cases and wrapped trays is getting to be more important than ever.

High speed print apply labeling for cases and trays

Our ID Technology range of label printer applicators is already the market leader and we are always refining our products to better meet our customer’s needs. A good example is the new PowerMerge™ – designed to allow labels of up to 15 inches long to be applied to boxes and trays, regardless of the conveyor speed.

PowerMerge for high speed barcode label print appy

PowerMerge™ uses a driven vacuum belt to transfer the label from the print engine to the point of application, decoupling the print speed from the application speed. This allows low printing speeds for best print quality and excellent readable barcodes while applying labels at high conveyor speeds.

  • High-speed labeling.
  • For products such as shipping cases and shrink-wrapped trays. Can apply labels to the side of packs as well as corner-wrap (with secondary wipe unit).
  • Best barcode quality
  • The ability to print at relatively slow speed ensures excellent, standards-compliant barcodes – every time.
  • Powered vacuum belt
  • The label is always under control, from the time of printing until gently applied to the product.
  • No plant air needed
  • PowerMerge™ is all electronic with no air required.
  • Wide range of label sizes.
  • PowerMerge™ can handle various sizes of labels with no need for mechanical changes when changing size. PowerMerge™ can use labels that are up to 4.5″ high and 15″ long.
  • Reaches up to 6″ over the conveyor.
  • It is not always possible to run your product along the side of the conveyor adjacent to the applicator. PowerMerge™ is designed to be able to apply the label to a product that is far as 6″ across the conveyor. Note that good product handling provides the best labeling results.

PowerMerge high speed print apply labeling system

PowerMerge™ can be used with ID Technology 252 and 255 labeling systems and is available now.

As you’d expect, ID Technology printer applicators that are equipped with the PowerMerge™ can be supplied with thermal print engines from SATO, Zebra and Datamax – making it easy to install into your labeling environment. Don’t forget that ID Technology offers a lifetime limited equipment warranty for customers that use our labels with our labeling equipment.

Need more information? You can download the spec sheet for the PowerMerge™ module here: SpecSheet. 

Want to get started with improving your labeling operations?  Contact us today – 888-438-3242 Option#3 or you can contact me directly at dholliday@idtechnology.com. We’ll get you in touch with the appropriate ID Technology specialist to get you going!

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