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With multiple brands of labeling equipment that cover just about every application, ProMach is a clear leader in the world of labeling.

ProMach's Portfolio of Labeling Equipment

For print and apply labeling, our ID Technology product brand has been the largest selling in North America for many years and recently, we have been building the ID Technology prime labeling product line with the addition of the very successful 9000 series.

To build on this success, we have teamed up with our colleagues at P. E. Labellers to introduce a range of high-quality rotary labeling systems – Modular Plus.

Modular Plus Rotary Labeler

Modular Plus Rotary Labeler

Currently, ID Technology can provide three models of the Modular Plus labeling system, Modular Plus 540-6T, 540-9T and 770-10. These have 6, 9 and 10 servo driven bottle plates respectively. These machines are expertly designed to be able to handle a huge range of labeling applications with between one and four pressure sensitive labeling heads.

ID Technology Modular Plus Specs


Final assembly, testing, and field acceptance test (FAT) of these machines take place in our facility in Cincinnati, Ohio. This allows us to offer quicker delivery on these systems than is usual in the industry.

Why Rotary Labelers?Modular Plus Rotary Labeling systems

Rotary labeling systems have become popular for a number of reasons – probably the most important being the best possible level of product handling. Each container is controlled in a custom shaped bottle plate so it is positively located. On our Modular Plus system, the motion of the bottle plates is servo controlled so we can completely control the motion of each bottle as it travels through the labeling machine. This results in first-class accuracy as well as ensuring each label is completely wiped down.

Other advantages include:

  • Ability to wipe down complicated label presentations, such as front/back/neck labels.
  • The motorized bottle plates allow for bottle orientation – ensuring labels are applied in register to a feature on the bottle, such as an emblem or handle.
  • Multiple labeling heads can be installed in a compact space – for applying multiple labels or working in a zero-downtime situation.
  • Air inflation – flimsy empty bottles can be inflated to prevent collapse while labeling (Modular Plus 770 only).
  • All labeling heads on the same side of the machine.

Which Type of Labeler is Best?

We can help you figure out the best possible labeling system for your application by carrying out a survey of your operation. ID Technology has sales and service support across North America and we are always ready to help. Want to get started with improving your labeling operations?  Contact us today – 888-438-3242 Option#3 or you can contact me directly at We’ll get you in touch with the appropriate ID Technology specialist to get you going!

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