Zero Downtime Labeling with the UII ZDT by EPI

UII ZDT Zero-Downtime LabelerSometimes it seems that packaging and labeling equipment just get more and more complicated.  The labeling systems from EPI, a ProMach brand show that this doesn’t have to be the case, simple machines designed to provide accurate and reliable labeling all day, every day.

The UII labeling head has proven to be simple to use and virtually indestructible over the years. Its direct-drive label control technology doesn’t use pinch rollers or complicated servo motors, ensuring the labeler can perform perfectly all the time, even in tough conditions.

The latest configuration of the UII is the new UII ZDT, designed with two labeling heads to achieve non-stop labeling and improve your line efficiency. Built from a pair of UII heads on a common stand, the UII ZDT needs a minimum amount of your conveyor line. The label application point is on an extension arm, allowing labels to be applied in “hard to reach” parts of your line.

The controls of the UII ZDT ensure that when one labeling head runs out of labels (or goes off-line), production automatically switches to the second head, ensuring non-stop labeling. In the event of a surge of product passing the labeler, both heads can work together to ensure no labels are missed (assuming both heads are online and loaded with labels, of course).

The labels are applied to the products using EPI’s proven NoTouch applicator. Using NoTouch ensures that your products never come into contact with the labeling system, the labels are gently applied using a jet of air. A tamp applicator system is also available if needed.

Package Types the UII System Can Label

Package Types the UII System Can Label

Because the UII ZDT is perfect for many promotional labeling jobs, we make it available as part of our labeler rental program. If you need additional labeling capacity for short jobs such as seasonal products or marketing campaigns, you can rent suitable equipment for an agreed amount of time at a competitive cost. Use ID Technology labels as well and it’s an even better deal.

ProMach Labeling & Coding consists of ID Technology, EPI, Greydon, PE Labellers and Axon – bringing you solutions or just about every labeling job. If you wanted to get started on improving your labeling operations? Contact us today at 888-438-3242 Option#3. You can also email me at We’ll be sure to get you in touch with an expert, right in your area!

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