Semi-Automatic Labeling for Wine Packaging

Semi-automatic labeling for wine products

It is quite common for wine packaging to need front and back labels to be placed on the bottles. For products with reasonably large production, this is not a problem because a labeling machine (such as our Modular Plus) can be built into the packaging line.

For small wineries, or for larger companies with some products that are made in small volumes, a fully automatic labeling system might not make sense.

A great solution to this problem is the Pratica Duo semi-automatic labeling system from ID Technology.

The Duo is a tabletop labeler that is simple to use and built to provide excellent results over many years of use. While most semi-automatic labelers need to have front and back labels alternatively on the web,  has two label feed mechanisms so can use separate label rolls for front and back. This is more cost-effective and also increases output.

Apply 2 labels to wine packaging - Pratica Dua.

Apply front & back labels to wine packaging – Pratica Dua.

Using the Duo is simple for the operator. Product settings are stored in the controller and easily recalled for a particular job. Once the labels are in place, the operator just places the first bottle in the labeling position and the Duo does the rest. It rotates the bottle and applies the two labels – accurately spaced – stopping automatically when finished. This sequence is repeated until the labeling job is complete.

For customers wanting to use transparent labels, for a no-label look, the Duo can be supplied with a label sensor for clear labels and it can also be configured with a sensor to ensure the labels are not applied over the bottle seam or to apply in register with a molded crest on the bottle.

This semi-automatic labeler is just one of the packaging products ID Technology and ProMach can provide to the wine industry – from stand-alone equipment to complete packaging lines.

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