Is it Time to Replace Your Old CIJ Printer?

It often amazes me just how many of the original Citronix inkjet printers are still in use doing a good job for their owners.

ci1000 CIJ Printer - still a lot in use.

ci1000 CIJ Printer – still a lot in use.

It is generally considered that the lifespan of this type of printer is in the region of 5 to 7 years. There are however many printers still working well that are considerably older than this. If you are using one of the older Citronix printers, such as the ci1000 series, and it is working well, there could well be very good reasons to upgrade to the latest ci5000 series.

Reasons to upgrade include:

Better Print Quality

With every new generation of Citronix printer the fluidics, the electronics, and the software algorithms have been refined to produce the best print quality possible. The current CI 5000 series is renowned for the excellent quality print that can be provided on a very wide range of materials. You’ll see the improvement right away when you install your new printer.

Easier and Less Frequent Maintenance

Continuous inkjet printers have traditionally been rather maintenance intensive. New models however such as the site the new Citronix CI 5000 of virtually maintenance-free for long periods of time (up too 6000 hours before service is needed). When service is finally needed, it basically consists of changing out a single service unit. In the past, multiple filters had to be changed, but the single service unit can be changed in about three or four minutes.

The New Citronix printers are also designed to shut down in a very controlled manner ensuring they are ready to print as soon as needed when we started for a new job.

Easier to Use and Set up

Citronix ci5000 Printers

Citronix ci5000 Family

From day one, Citronix printers have offered the easiest to use interface in the industry. This heritage is continued in the latest Citronix ci5000 series printers which are equipped with a color touchscreen HMI interface. The designers have taken advantage of the new interface by keeping simplicity and adding modern features.  For the initial set up of the printer, wizards walk the operator through every step making it easier and faster to set up a printer than ever.

Factory Warranty

New Citronix printers come standard with one of the longest warranties in the industry. The basic warranty can be extended to five years for a very reasonable fee. This means, that the total cost of ownership is kept as low as possible – the only costs involved with keeping a printer running are the fluids that need to be purchased.

Excellent Trade-in Deals

Do you have an older Citronix (or any other brand of CIJ) printer? At ID Technology we have some exceptional discounts when you trade your old printer for a new ci5000 model. Your old printer doesn’t even need to be working!

Time for a Technology Review?

If you bought your current CIJ printer a few years ago, there have been a lot of advances in product coding systems since then? Is CIJ still the best technology to meet your current requirements?

Perhaps thermal inkjet (TIJ) or laser coding would be a better fit today?

We can help you decide!

Want to Get Started?

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