Lean Manufacturing Solution for Stickpacks

Late Stage Customization of flexible PackagingLean manufacturing, late-stage customization, agile manufacturing, digitalization – whatever you might wish to call it, ProMach’s printing and packaging solution for stickpacks and sachets is a way to reduce costs while improving flexibility and allowing your packaging to be part of your digital workflow.

The components of this system are both from ProMach’s portfolio of product brands – Genesis Digital Printer from Greydon and from INVPack BY300 form-fill-seal machine, sold in North America by Matrix.

Each of these systems is an excellent solution in its own right, combined they produce a special solution for customers in the food, dairy, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries.

In the past, companies had to purchase and manage pre-printed packaging materials for each SKU the packaging line has to produce. Just one or two SKU? No problem, pre-printed film or foil is probably the most cost-effective to use. However, when a company has to pack multiple SKUs, the task of managing the inventory of materials can become quite difficult – especially if the new products are often introduced or the print copy changes often.

With the ProMach solution, the customer just has t0 purchase one item – rolls of blank material. Thanks to the digital printer that can print the packages in full CMYK process color, the output of the system is fully printed and packed products, ready for market.

See our solution in this short video:

The system in the video is also using ID Technology’s ClearMark™ thermal inkjet printer for adding variable info such as dates, lot numbers or barcodes. This isn’t usually needed when printing with the Genesis printer, as Genesis prints both the fixed and variable information. ClearMark would be a good addition for a company using pre-printed materials for large volume jobs, where the variable data needs to be added at the time of packaging.

On-line printing for stickpack packaging - Genesis Promach

The Genesis printer is completely digital and can handle many graphics file types, making it easy to fit into your company’s digital workflow. With no printing plates to worry about, product changeovers can be carried out in just a few seconds and when a copy change to one of your products is needed, the file can be modified and sent to the printer right away – no more having to throw away unwanted pre-printed materials.

In addition to Genesis and ClearMark, ID Technology’s laser printers can be added tot he INVPack machines for both printing variable info and scoring on the packages. We have also installed our thermal transfer printers and CIJ coders onto these packaging systems.

laser coding scoring for stickpack and pouch packaging systems

HPD Lasers Installed in INV Pack system

So if you need to pack your products in stickpacks or sachets, ProMach has some great solutions that can produce beautiful packages, regardless of whether you purchase pre-printed materials or if you want to build in the flexibility and cost-saving of printing on-line.

You can download the datasheet on our print-form-fill-seal system here.

There are many printing options for use on flexible packaging machines, such as the INVPack systems and at times it can be difficult to know which is best for a particular application. With over 90 sales and support people across North America, We can provide the consulting and support you need to decide which is the best option for you.

Want to get started with improving your flexible packaging? Contact us today at 888-438-3242 Option#3. You can also email me at dholliday@idtechnology.com. We’ll be sure to get you in touch with an expert, right in your area!

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