WaveMark Systems for UMass Memorial

RFID companies have been searching for sensible healthcare applications for some time. Now, a Boxborough, MA Company, WaveMark, has developed an application that seems to have real world benefits. WaveMark makes an RFID based inventory system, designed to keep track of medical devices  such as cardiac stents, balloons and pacemakers. In order to improve the tracking […]

Datamax H-Class Review

Datamax Corporation H-Class Thermal Printer Datamax printers have been around for a long time and are well established in the marketplace. The Datamax product range starts with the low end plastic E-Class and (until now) ends with the robust I-Class. While the I-Class is a decent printer, it isn’t perceived as being as good as […]

Demystify DoD Labeling Seminar

We have been hosting our Winco ID DoD Labeling Seminars for a couple of years now and they have proven to be really popular with defense contractors needing to learn about compliance with MIL-STD-129 and 130. Unlike the UID Forum, which is focused at helping DoD employees with the labeling and management of items, the WincoID […]