Eat Smart This Summer With These Picnic Food Label Tips!

How much fun are you having this summer? The carefree summer season is in full swing with cookouts and picnics almost every weekend. Chances are when you are at a gathering with family and friends there is little time spent evaluating and talking about the ingredients on food packaging labels. While picnic foods are delicious, […]

Anti-GMO Labeling Law is passed by U.S. House

As you may have seen in the news, this recently passed house bill would prevent mandatory GMO labeling. Legislation would bar states and local government from requiring labeling on products that include genetically modified organisms (GMOs). This bill is now headed to the U.S. Senate. If passed, it would null and void labeling laws already […]

GMO-Free Certification

Many consumer groups have been pushing for mandatory labeling of GMO products recently and The United States Agriculture Department (USDA) is answering this call by offering a new government certification and labeling for non-genetically modified foods (Non-GMO). Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has announced the new certification in a letter to his staff that was released […]

Labeling Local

Summer is here and that means enjoying fresh produce as a part of our diet. Often times when we shop for produce, we check for things such as ripeness, bruising, freshness, organic or the increasingly popular term “locally grown.” Have you encountered “locally grown” produce? This term is almost or even more confusing than “organic.” […]

Labeling for Food Allergies

May was Food Allergy Action Month and brought attention to the seriousness and importance of understanding food allergies. Labeling food allergens is very important because allergies can be life threatening and are a serious public health problem. In addition to this, the allergies are impacting not only us, but our children as well. According to […]

Confused by Labels?

Evaluating food labels is common behavior in the society we live in. As we put a greater emphasis on eating healthy, monitoring calorie consumption and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, evaluating food labels has become an important part of this process. By reading food labels, we are able to examine the calorie count and nutrition information […]

Why Food Brands Are Moving to Clean Labels

What are clean labels? A Clean Label is difficult to define since consumers have many different interpretations of this term and there is no actual standard. A Clean Label could refer to many things: An easy-to-understand label. A simple ingredient list. A product with ingredients one can pronounce. A product without additives, artificial preservative, dyes, […]

Snack Attack: The Rise of Snack Foods in the USA

When was the last time you ate a snack? Maybe it was a protein bar on your way out the door this morning. Perhaps it was something you grabbed from the vending machine or your lunch break. Are you eating your “I-can-make-it-to-5pm” go-to snack right now? Today 45% of consumers replace at least one meal […]

Pack Expo East 2015

 Visit us in Booth #1011! We are one week away from the first ever East Coast Pack Expo in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This show will draw attendees from all over the North East bringing top processing and packaging supplies together. Pack Expo East is on a smaller scale giving attendees more time to engage with those […]

How to Clean Your Labeling Equipment

It’s a New Year with new resolutions. Many have decided to get healthier, spend less and even to be more organized. Why not include your labeling equipment in that resolution? There are several easy things you can do to ensure a long life and greater efficiency for your labeling equipment. When it comes to our […]