Demystify DoD Labeling Seminar

event_workstationWe have been hosting our Winco ID DoD Labeling Seminars for a couple of years now and they have proven to be really popular with defense contractors needing to learn about compliance with MIL-STD-129 and 130.

Unlike the UID Forum, which is focused at helping DoD employees with the labeling and management of items, the WincoID seminar is intended to help the community of contractors ensure that they are both labeling parts and shipments correctly and managing all the associated data.

Why attend? The Winco ID seminar is good use of your valuble time. In one morning, you’ll hear from speakers who are established as experts in the industry.

You’ll get the chance for hands on demos with the latest equipment and there is plenty of time to network with your counterparts in other companies – people facing exactly the same demands as you are.

Whether you are confronted with how to mark your products with UID codes, have to print RFID shipping labels for your boxes and pallets or are struggling with all the input needed in WAWF, you will find answers to your questions.img_1021-300x173

You’ll learn more than just how to buy or produce compliant labels. It is important that you introduce DoD labeling into your operation in a way that will cause minimal disruption and that can actually enhance existing processes. We’ll help you figure it all out.

How can we provide so much good info in such a short time? Simple – the Winco ID seminar is focused and sticks to the facts. We know you are busy so want to make sure every minute is spent helping you understand what a contractor needs to know to get and stay in compliance with the DoD labeling rules.

Interested in joining us? These seminars are held throughout the New England region. Registration is free, but since seats are limited we ask that you pre-register. See the Winco ID Events Page for more info and to sign up.

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