Product Coding for Protein Producers

Regardless of package type, companies that produce meat or poultry products need to add variable information to the package. This includes date and lot codes, establishment codes, regulatory agency logos, and increasingly barcodes. In many industries, this is quite straightforward, but for protein companies, there is the added complication of the environment in which coding […]

Customer Engagement and More – GS1 Digital Link

Using barcodes on packages for customer engagement? This idea is certainly not new – here is a link to a Packaging World article on this very topic from 2011. The article specifically mentioned that QR codes would provide the ability to download coupons, enter contests, play games, and other fun activities – all powered by […]

End of Parts & Service – SATO Printers

As companies improve their products and introduce new models, earlier generations are discontinued and eventually can no longer be supported. I recently received a reminder from SATO that some of their legacy models have reached the end of their service/support period. Included are the following models:   You can see the original SATO end of […]

Podcast – Lasers and Sustainability

Our most recent podcast covered two topics: The Loop waste-free packaging concept and how laser coding can help brands meet their sustainability targets. In this episode I take advantage of a visit to Macsa ID in Barcelona, to chat with Macsa’s CEO Jordi Pinot on the topic of sustainability in packaging and how laser coding […]

Product Handling Considerations for Barcoding on Shipping Cases

Using inkjet printers to add variable information to shipping cases, is increasing in popularity. Using this technique can dramatically reduce the number of pre-printed items that need to be managed and fit into company efforts to increase digitalization and move to a lean workflow. Here at ID Technology, we have a lot of experience when […]