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Siemens UID VerifiersHands on with the new Siemens MIL-STD-130 Verifiers.

Many defense contractors have been using the Siemens UID Verifiers for quality control of their UID marks. The Siemens verifier has become the standard in the industry – indeed all the UID labels we print here at Winco ID are verified using one of these devices.

While the Verifier has always done a reasonable job for verifying labels, it has not been ideal for use with direct marking technologies.

To remedy this, Siemens recently introduced a new UID Verifier that addresses the limitations of the first generation and provides a platform to ensure compliance with the latest versions of MIL-STD-130.

There are two versions of the new UID Compliance Verifier. The LDP version is designed to work with labels and dataplates, while DPM is perfect for applications where the UID mark is directly marked onto the component. Currently the new systems comply with MIL-STD-130M Change 1, but a 130N update is expected very soon.

One of the big changes introduced in MIL-STD-130M Change 1 was the AIM DPM-1:2006 verification standard. There has always been a problem getting labels to pass the Modulation parameter using ISO 15415 as the verification standard and the AIM DPM standard goes a long way towards solving this problem.

I have had the opportunity to install two of the new systems for verifying labels and both went very smoothly. I think these were the first Siemens Verifiers I’ve set up where DHCP worked right out of the box and the systems connected right away. Siemens still include a serial cable to allow the settings to be configured to use a fixed IP address should that be needed. One touch I really like is that Siemens includes a crossover adaptor for users who want to use a direct connection to a PC – very thoughtful.

I’m sure that most users have gotten frustrated in the past with labels that look good but refuse to verify. From my brief experience, AIM DPM is going to make these problems a thing of the past.

So far, I’m very pleased with the new devices. Siemens seems to have addressed the shortcomings of the previous generation and are really taking advantage of the new standards to produce a nice solution for those who need to verify UID labels.

Siemens have put in place an upgrade plan for users of the previous generation Verifier. This involves the return of the unit to the factory, where the changes will be carried out. There is a charge for this service, but I feel that the advantages offered by the new system make upgrading a sound business move.

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Download Siemens UID Verifiers Technical Spec Sheet

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