David’s Tech Tip: H-Class USB

Along with many of our customers, our H-Class printers have had problems with USB connectivity ever since the printer was released.

Quite often Windows would not recognize the H-Class as a printer, making it impossible to get a driver installed.

Well there is finally good news. Although Datamax would never acknowledge there was a problem, the DMX software guys seem to have provided a fix in the latest version of their firmware.

The version that works is version 11.0543 and can be downloaded from the Datamax FTP site here. Make sure you choose the correct one for your particular printer. You’ll need to download a new version of the Datamax bootloader file. This is version 11.01 and you’ll find it in the bootloader folder at the same link. When you flash the printer, you’ll do the bootloader first, then the firmware.

Not sure how to update the firmware in your printer? Let me know via the Contact Us page and I’ll send you details of how I do it. The Winco Service Team are always available to help you out as well. Click here for details of our on-site service plans for all brands of barcode printer.

We have installed the new firmware on several printers and it has solved the USB problem in each case. It is obviously too soon to know if the update is 100% effective, but it looks good so far.

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