Well there is never a dull moment in the barcode business these days. What with Symbol, PSC, HHP all changing ownership in the last couple of years.

The most recent company to change is the Machine Vision Business of Siemens which was sold to Microscan earlier this month.

Having been involved with the company since they were Itran (then Acuity Imaging, then RVSI, then Acuity CI Matrix, then Siemens) I’m used to seeing them go through changes.

I’m really hopeful that this is going to be a good change. Microscan is a company totally focused on the barcode and data collection business so the Vision group should feel more at home that they did as part of the huge Siemens empire.

The best thing about the Siemens ownership was that the resources were available to revamp the complete verifier product line. For Microscan they are getting some of the best people in the business along with a verifier line-up that works.

You can read the Microscan press release here.

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