New RFID Legislation in NH

New RFID Legislation in NH

Here in New Hampshire, the state government is looking to introduce a new bill that will govern the use of RFID. At Labeling News we are taking an interest in this and will be reporting much more later.

Personally I think we are going to have serious problems if all the states decide to do this on their own, imagine the chaos if items have to be labeled differently for each individual state – it makes no sense at all.

One thing I’m pleased to see in the draft of the bill is that the state is only allowed to use their RFID EZPass tags for the purpose of collecting tolls. I’d always been afraid they would start using entry and exit times to calculate average speeds over a known distance – that would be very bad!

I know you would love to own your own copy of the NH legislation so you can download it here.

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