Stuck with Old Label Design Software?

teklynx_adIf you are using legacy versions of Teklynx label design software without an upgrade path, this may be your ticket out.

Upgrade to the latest version of LABELVIEW, LABEL MATRIX, CODESOFT, Version 8, and save up to 50% off the list price. How much you save depends of the version you are currently running. The older the version – the deeper the discount…now there’s something a bit different.

This upgrade is bundled with the Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) which includes software version upgrades, updates and service packs. This ensures you are on the latest version, without the hassle for budget approvals each time.

If you have to comply with industry regulations, access to hundreds of downloadable compliance label samples will help you get going faster.

As with any new upgrade or software, there is always the “I like my old version – I know how to get things done.” (Even if it doesn’t do everything I want it to.) Good news – The SMA comes with one free online training session ($100 value) and electronic training guides ($69 value.) This can be especially helpful to help train and support new employees, too.

You’ll also get toll-free priority technical support included. With priority call handling and longer support hours,  you’ll get answers to your support questions and back to your real job. I’ve worked with Teklynx technical support folks and found the service to be excellent.

So if you’ve been stuck with an old version of Teklynx’s LABELVIEW, LABEL MATRIX, or CODESOFT software, this is your opportunity to upgrade and get the support you need. No more struggling with “trying to make my software work.”

With all the nice features in this Upgrade Promotion, I think it’s a great time for most of our customers to upgrade.

To download a demo copy of Teklynx’s LABELVIEW, LABEL MATRIX, or CODESOFT Version 8, click here.

If you still have questions about the upgrade or the products, please give me a call (David Holliday) at 1-800-325-5260 X237.

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