Metal Mount RFID Labels

Metal Mount RFID Labels

Are some of your DoD shipments metal crates or objects and you can’t get your RFID tags to read?

There is a simple solution for this – the Winco ID Metal Mount label. Using a spacer of specially engineered foam behind the label, holds it far enough away form the metal surface for the RFID tag to function.

We can supply the Metal mount Labels in a number of forms. Printed, encoded and mounted (ready to use) as you see in the photo. Printed and encoded labels along with a roll of the die cut foam spacers (this is a little less expensive) and also we can provide just the rolls of foam if you are printing and encoding the labels yourself.

This is a simple but well proven workaround for getting over the difficulty of tagging metal objects.Metal Mount RFID Labels

If you need a more durable solution, there are also special encapsulated tags available for use on metal objects. These are normally used for returnable objects (where they can easily be reprogrammed for the next shipment) as well as for use in RFID asset tracking applications.

If you need any help with those tricky tagging applications, feel free to call me at 603-598-1553 x237.

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