The Good Old Days of RFID

This is way old, but quite funny.

While searching Google for something else, I came across an old New Hampshire Public Radio piece from way back in 2005. I’ve seen this before, but what I didn’t realize was that it had an attached audio file, complete with great soundbites from Bruce McDowell from Datamax, the Spychips cult lady and me.

It is worth a listen for the amazing contributions from me and Bruce as well as the spychip cult lady’s ideas of everything being tracked by secret scanners. Crazy stuff!

The Windows Media file is here

A transcript of the article is here

Here in NH, the House Commerce and Consumer Affairs Committee is holding a hearing on the House Bill HB478 which intends to legislate on the use of RFID within the State. The hearing is scheduled for 1.30 PM on Monday March 9th. >>Read More


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