Bartender 9.2 Now Shipping

bartender-logoSo our friends at Seagull Scientific have been busy again. Bartender has been my label design software of choice for as long as I can remember and it keeps getting better.

The latest version 9.2 has just been released and it includes a new look and a host of new features.

The arrival of Windows 7 makes this a great time to release a new version that is compatible with Microsoft’s latest OS. The designers have also taken the opportunity to revamp the UI bring in a new icon set.

A while ago, Seagull started to enhance the value of Bartender by introducing companion applications and some new ones are added this time.

BarTender Librarian application lets large groups of designers, administrators and other users  manage the storage and revision of label formats and other files. Perfect for businesses where the label design process needs to be controlled for security and revision control.

Print Station is another companion application, this one allows operators to carry out simple print jobs without ever having to open the label design program – a nice addition to the collection.

We have been using Bartender 9.2 for a few days for our own print jobs and it is working really well with no issues – just as we expected.

To learn more about all the changes in Bartender 9.2, see this Whitepaper from Seagull.

What label software do you prefer to use? Do you upgrade when new versions arrive or keep with your current install?

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