LabelView 10 Released

LabelView 10 from TeklynxOur friends at Teklynx have released the latest version of their LabelView program, LabelView 10 – drawing Teklynx level with Seagull Scientific in the race to have the highest version number.

We had been hoping that a new version would be coming along soon – we had not had good luck with LV9 and had been suggesting our clients stick with Version 8 if possible.

We are hoping that LabelView 10 proves to be an easier upgrade than Version 9, although a look at the release notes shows only two changes – adding the Han Xin barcode (this is a Chinese 2D barcode by all accounts) and improving the way “When Printed” fields are handled.

There must be more changes “under the hood”, I’m sure – doesn’t seem to be a need for a full version number change just for those. Seems that Teklynx has taken the opportunity to tweak up the prices as well which is a little annoying.

You can be sure that we will be giving Labelview 10 a good workout. We use this software here for our own product and shipping labels (for the label print jobs for our customers we use BarTender) and decided to stick with LV8, so if versio0n 10 works out, it might be upgrade time.

If you are a LabelView user (or potential user) we would love to discuss the various options available for you. Give me a call at 603-598-1553 x237.

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