Intermec TradeUps 2013

Intermec trade-in program 2013

It will come as no surprise that Intermec has relaunched its Trade-In/Trade-Up program for 2013.

The Trade-in deal allows for both competitive and older Intermec models to be traded on a one to one basis.

Intermec Trade-in deals 2013As with most of the other trade-in deals, to get your hands on the money, you need to ship the old printer back to Intermec – they will provide the pre-paid shipping info, you just have to pack it up and send the package on its way.

One new feature of the 2013 program is an extra incentive to trade old 3400 printer models. There are still a lot of these being used and they are getting harder to find parts to support (as our technicians tell us all the time). In the past, there hasn’t been a good reason to switch from a 3400, but the new PM43 and PM43C look to be the way forward – especially now that Intermec seems to have finally sorted the mess with the IPL driver.

If you check out the Intermec program, you’ll see  there are also savings to made by using Intermec media and service. Here at Winco, we can provide Intermec media (although we feel the Winco labels and ribbons are clearly the way to go!) and are also a Certified Service Partner of Intermec. One call to 603-598-1553 can get you sorted for printer hardware, labels, ribbons and service – we’ll help you with the trade-in too. You’ll be good to go!

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