Intermec 3400 4400 Series End of Service

Intermec Legacy Printers End of Service

Intermec 3400 – 4400 Printers

Let’s face it, it you are still using any of the Intermec legacy printers, the old 3400 or 440 models, you’ve certainly had your money’s worth out of them. Chances are that your printer still works just fine, here at Winco we support a lot of them still.

But here’s the deal, at the end of 2013 these models officially reach their End of Service date with Intermec.

What does this mean? Basically there will be no Intermec tech support, no more parts available for sale and no more printheads. If you get free printheads for using Intermec labels – well, you won’t any more! If you have a Winco service plan on your old printers, we’ll support you for as long as we can but at some point we won’t have parts to keep your printer working. Even though we are an Intermec partner, we can’t buy parts after the end of the year either.

So this is a good time to start thinking of a plan to move forward.

Intermec PM43 and X4 Printers

Intermec PM43 & PX4

If you want to stay with the Intermec family of products (which you probably want to do if you are using label files written in Intermec’s IPL language) I’d suggesting upgrading to the PM43 model or – if space is at a premium – the super compact PM43C. You could also look at the PX4 models, but I see them as being outdated and rather clunky (to be fair, some of our technicians prefer the PX4 over the PM43 so don’t rule it out).

Using label software such as BarTender or Loftware for your printing? If so, this gives you a lot more flexibility and you might want to look at printers from Datamax or Zebra as well as the Intermec ones.

So if you use the old Intermec printers what is your plan? A smart idea would be to talk to us, her at Winco ID. We can evaluate your application (maybe this is a good time to see if there is a better way to do things) and help you put together a printing solution that will ensure you are in good shape for the future. There are some decent trade-in plans in place at the moment too – like the Intermec one!

Call me at 603-598-1553 to get started!