Ergonomic Workstation for Citronix Inkjet Printers

Citronix Inkjet Workstation ID TechnologyThe team at ID Technology has been busy and has produced a new stainless steel workstation to be used with the Citronix ciSeries Continuous inkjet printers. It makes a great stand for the printer and can be provided with a printhead service station as well as a caddy to hold the wash bottles, towels, etc that are used to work with the printer.

Being such a small footprint, the workstation can be positioned against the conveyor even when space is at a premium and it can be supplied with castors to enable the whole assembly to be rolled out of the way if the line has to be washed down. The portability also makes it simple to switch the printer to a different production line if needed.

Citronix printers already come with “Smart Flush” which allows for controlled shutdown of the printer, but this can be further enhanced by equipping  the workstation with a UPS in the enclosure. This ensures a controlled shutdown, even in the event of a power failure.

The Citronix ciSeries is already one of the easiest to use inkjet printer systems on the market – the new workstation makes it even better. Made in USA too!!

How can it get better? Well add in ID Technology’s available 5 year warranty and a great trade-in program and the ciSeries is a super deal.

Want to learn more? Get yourself the (excellent) brochure here, or feel free to call me at 603-598-1553 x237.

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