PackML Compliant Label Printer Applicator

IDT 255 PackML Compliant Label Printer Applicator

PackML Compliant Model 255

With many companies looking to implement the PackML standard for machine control, the new Model 255 Label Printer Applicator from ID Technology has been designed with Allen Bradley controls and it is programmed in accordance with PackML requirements.

PackML (Packaging Machine Language) is a standard for programming and controlling packaging equipment, intended to ensure that there is consistency in “look & feel”, programming and operation between the packaging systems used in modern packaging lines. PackML is intended to reduce the time needed for installation and training on new equipment as well as to make packaging machines easier to operate. It also simplifies communication between the different machines that make up a packaging line – something that is becoming more important. It has been championed by industry group OMAC (Organization for Machine Automation and Control) and companies such as Procter & Gamble and other large users of packaging equipment. (See PackML, what is it and why does it matter?)

The operator interface for the Model 255 is a 4 inch colour touchscreen and all the prompts and layout are designed with PackML in mind.

This is great news for companies that have made the decision to standardize on PackML for their packaging equipment control or for those that might be looking to do so in the future. If adopting PackML, it makes sense for all the equipment to be compliant, to get the maximum benefit. A lot of businesses also specify Allen Bradley for controls, even if not committed to PackML – the Model 255 is a good choice for this scenario as well.

Being part of the IDT 252 lineup, the 255 comes with a wide range of applicator types, making it able to handle just about any labeling job. Check out the other ID Technology Printer Applicators here.

ID Technology Label Printer Applicators are the best selling around and are built here in the USA. Want to learn more about how we can help make your labeling operations better? Give me a call at 603-598-1553 x237 to get started.

Oh, don’t forget to see the new Model 255 PackML machine at PackExpo 2014 in Chicago!

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