Pro Mach Labeling and Coding Pack Expo 2016

packexpo_2016Pack Expo 2016 is happening this November, and this year’s event promises to be bigger than ever. This year Pack Expo is co-located with Pharma Expo, giving you access to information about trends and issues along the pharmaceutical supply chain in addition to processing and packaging technologies in a wide range of industries.

ID Technology will be on the Pro Mach Labeling & Coding booth (S-3707), along with Greydon and EPI Labelers, demonstrating the solutions that have been helping our customers develop effective labeling, coding and marking solutions to enhance their operations. Stop by our booth to view demonstrations of our innovative products that include label printer applicators, lasers, continuous inkjet, and more.

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Labeling Products. Our label printer applicators are the #1 selling label printer applicators in the industry. We offer are a variety of configurations to print and apply pressure sensitive labels to your products, such as:

  • 252 3 Panel – A rugged and flexible solution for printing and applying labels to multiple sides of a pallets or boxes.
  • 255 – ID Technology’s PackML compliant label printer applicator with enhanced communications.
  • ST1000 Blow with 32D TTO – A simple economical label applicator with a stepper drive that provides web speeds up to 1,000 inches per minute with a Blow-On label applicator and TTO thermal overprinter for adding variable data to the label.
  • 252N -A corner-wrap label printer applicator with a narrow-aisle design for tight spaces.
  • 252 Side Apply – Our versatile and modular 252 printer applicator with a side apply applicator module.
  • Catalyst Linerless – is it time for linerless labeling? Visit us to find out if linerless labeling is right for you.
ID Technology Label Printer Applicator 252

ID Technology Label Printer Applicator 252

Lasers. Our laser marking systems give you permanent, high-quality coding on a variety of substrates. ID Technology is the exclusive distributor of Macsa lasers in North America. Laser demonstrations include:

  • SPA (Scaleable Product Architecture) – A modular laser system capable of adapting to your specific needs. SPA is the latest laser from Macsa and includes a lot of new features that allow it to operate in tough environments and at higher speeds than conventional lasers.
  • K Series –  CO2 laser marking systems that can print up to 4 lines of text, logos, graphics, 2-D and linear bar codes for both static and high-speed dynamic applications.
  • iCon – Small, compact, and easy to install laser for small character coding applications.
SPA laser for pharma serialization

SPA Laser Integrated with Labeling System

Continuous Inkjet. We are happy to introduce the latest in continuous inkjet printers, the ci5000 Series. The newest line from Citronix offers longer periods between serving, simple single filter unit,  a more accurate viscometer for better control of ink flow and a color touchscreen interface that makes using the printer even easier than the previous model.

Citronix inkjet ci5000 series

Citronix inkjet ci5000 series

High-Resolution Inkjet. Personalize cases with barcodes and text using our high-resolution inkjet printers from Foxjet. Large character printing on demand eliminates the need for preprinted cases and cartons. Our high-resolution printers offer various printhead configurations, giving you up to 4″ high print and 300 DPI resolution.


Easy Print 53c

Thermal Transfer Overprinters. Our range of Thermal Transfer Overprinters (TTO) add variable information, such as date codes, lot numbers, pricing, and barcodes, to flexible packaging. Thermal transfer overprinting results in a sharp, clear image without compromising production speed. At the expo, we will be showing TTO products that include:

  • Communicator II – Maintains high-quality print during extreme accelerations and decelerations to precisely print while following the packaging machine’s speed.
  • Easy Print 53c – Compact thermal transfer overprinter  that prints 53mm wide, 300 dpi logos, text and dynamic and 2D barcodes at up to 750 mm/s. Capable of both intermittent and continuous printing,
  • Easy Print 32d-  Prints 32mm wide, 300 dpi logos, barcodes and text at up to 750 mm/s. Capable of both intermittent and continuous printing.

Flexible Packaging Solutions by Greydon. Specializing in printing solutions for use with horizontal form-fill-seal equipment, Greydon has a range of innovative products for use in the meat packagPrinting systems for horizontal packaging machinesing and pharmaceutical industries. Some of the products featured in our demonstrations at Pack Expo include:

  • Genesis – A digital printing system that uses fast drying UV curable inks. Prints the complete package in one, two or full colors or full CMYK as well as all the variable information needed for UDI compliance. The Genesis system is already well established in the medical device industry and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Traversing System for HP or CIJ inkjet printers  – Print the variable information such as date/lot codes and barcodes onto medical, pharma, food or industrial packaging.
  • Flexo Hybrid – Greydon’s flexo printer is able to print the complete package in one or two colors, with excellent quality at the lowest cost per print. Variable information such as date/lot codes and UDI or serialization barcodes is added with a secondary printer such as HP inkjet, thermal transfer printer or Genesis system.
  • Thermal transfer – Print either the complete package or just the variable information on packaging. Greydon’s thermal transfer printer traverses across the web, printing multiple packages in one pass.

EPI Labelers. EPI designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of pressure sensitive labeling equipment for applications in bakeries, snack foods, meat and poultry and many others. EPI labeling systems are designed to be simple to use and able to produce correctly labeled products in the most demanding applications.

EPI C-Wrap Labeling System

C-Wrap Labeler for Clamshell Packaging

  • Top and Bottom – Apply labels to the top and/or bottom of packaging neatly and accurately on nearly all types of packaging.
  • C-Wrap – Dispense the label to the top, front, and bottom of a clamshell container.
  • UII Package, Case, and Carton labeler – A versatile labeler that achieves precise placement of virtually any type of pressure sensitive label to virtually any surface of a wide variety of packages.
    The UII is simple, yet robust,
  • M Series – A wipe-on high-speed label applicator with limitless unwind/rewind combinations.
  • Flex-Pac – Designed to work with vertical form-fill-seal bagging machines and other flexible packaging equipment to apply labels to packaging films. We’ll be showing the Flex-Pac integrated with a Matrix vertical bagging system.
EPI Labelers Flex-Pac Labeling System

EPI Labelers Flex-Pac Labeling System

LSI by IDT. LSI designs and manufactures heavy duty, pressure-sensitive labeling equipment for the pharmaceutical, food, beverage and other consumer goods companies. LSI offers complete turnkey, automatic labeling machines and systems, such as:

1600i Front & Back Labeling System

1600i Front & Back Labeling System

  • Model 1520i –  A labeling system for round containers that accurately positions the container between three rollers to ensure best possible wrap accuracy as well as allowing the label to be applied in register with print, handles, etc.
  • Model 1600i – A front and back labeling system, equipped with our M Series labeling heads. The 1600i is a versatile labeling system that can also apply wraparound labels to round containers.
  • Model 301 – Semi-automatic wrap around labeling of products such as bottles, vials, or cans. As your labeling requirements change, the labeling head from the 301 can be integrated into an automatic labeling system to provide a clear upgrade path.
Model 1520i Labeling System for round containers

Model 1520i Labeling System

There’s a lot to see at Pack Expo, and we’d love the opportunity to talk with you at the show. If you can’t make it in person we will be happy to have one of our labeling and coding specialists meet with you at your location. Contact us today – 888-438-3242 Option#3 or email David Holliday at We’ll get you in touch with the right person, right away.

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