Our People Make The Difference

There is no doubt that 2009 presented  challenges for many businesses and in our personal lives as well. Winco ID is fortunate to have strong relationships with our clients as well as great people willing to do what it takes to service our clients.

Here’s an example of the teamwork at Winco ID. Meet Linda. Linda works in our marketing department and is a very talented writer with a brilliant attitude. She is responsible for many of the great posts on Labeling News, coordinating trade shows, and managing outbound marketing campaigns.

As of recent, some of you may have had the pleasure of talking with Linda as your Customer Service Representative, taking orders, processing paperwork, and supporting others.

Linda can also be found in the label  press area lending a hand to get label jobs out the door to our customers faster.

“I really enjoy getting the chance to work in different parts of the company”, says Linda. “It’s a great way to learn how the company operates. I have a better understanding of how our products are made and marketed, from taking an order to packing the finished product. But the most rewarding part is getting to work with the best people around.”

Even if you don’t work directly with Linda, chances are she had something to do with servicing your account with Winco ID.

When she is not at Winco ID, Linda is busy with her two boys, likes to bowl, rubber stamp, go to the beach (when it’s warmer), garden a bit and be with her husband.

We are lucky to have Linda and others like her at our company who are willing to do what it takes to be sure our customers get the best service possible. As 2010 progresses, we will bring to you stories about some of our other people. Some outside interests, personal stories, and what goes on behind the scenes may surprise you!

Check back with us to see “who’s up next!”  Is there someone you would like to know more about? Let us know.

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