MP Compact4 Mobile MkII

Some time ago, I’d written a hands-on preview on the MP Series of printers from Datamax.

At the time, there was a lot to love about this printer – especially the mobile version. Designed to be mounted onto fork lift vehicles, the MP Compact4 Mobile, was really simple in design and tough enough for even the roughest warehouse guys.

There were some serious shortcomings though. A proprietary programming language, no wireless connectivity (a mobile device without wireless??) and ludicrously high price ensured this would be very much a niche product.

The good news is that the nice Datamax folks have come up with a new version. The MP Compact4 Mobile Mark II (just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it) has been released with some cool new features.

First of all, it is now like a real Datamax model and can use the well proven DPL program language. Also available is Datamax’s emulation system allowing the printer to be used in Zebra ZPL and Intermec IPL environments.

Even more goodness – the MPC4M MkII also comes with B/G wireless that has all the cool security stuff.

So a very nice update – thanks guys. I’d like to see Bluetooth as an option too – to be able to communicate with mobile computers at some point.

I’ve not seen pricing as yet. I’m hoping that the price will be much more competitive because this is a great solution for anyone needing a rugged, simple to use, vehicle mounted printer.

Download the datasheet here, then give me a call (603.598.1553) to discuss how this new device can upgrade your mobile printing.

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