Reliable, Durable Freezer Labels

Freezer labels face a variety of challenges; they must adhere to different packaging materials, withstand extreme temperatures, and remain readable throughout the package’s life. The cold air, frost, and moisture in a freezer environment can make labeling your frozen food products difficult.

In addition to the environment, also consider when the label will be applied to the package. Will you label at room temperature, cold temperature, or when the product is frozen? And will your label, carefully designed to your specifications and containing important FDA-mandated information, remain attractive and readable throughout packing, shippping, and storing?

Our labels offer excellent performance in freezer applications, with adhesives that withstand extreme temperatures and condensation. Quality print processes and durable label materials ensure that your label remains secure on the package and readable throughout the life of the product. Call us at 800-325-5260 and let us help you create the tough and reliable label you need for your product.

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